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Mosaic Class schedule. Ramping up business operations. Curtain Works and Phantom Shootouts to be rebranded. Drone update.

Friday, May 27, 2016 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

This Summer, it is full speed ahead.

The LLC will be set up in June 2016, the month of our 22nd anniversary (we were founded on June 10, 1994. We are not going to celebrate it with any kind of event this year, as we are too busy, but there will be one on June 10, 2019, our 25th Anniversary, three years from now, which will be on a Monday). New business models, which include enhanced marketing, sales, support, and client support, which we have been sitting on since 2010 while waiting for the economy to improve and which we have continued to develop (with the addition of embedded security measures, as well as other things), will also be rolled out for the first time this Summer.
This first, prototype Mosaic Class web site will be fully operational in June, as well, perhaps by our 22nd anniversary on June 10. Once it is fully operational, the AuroraPhotoArts.Com and the TampaLooks.Com marketing domain names will be switched from the old Venus Class site which we have been using since July 2007 (Our original Venus Class site, under Passinault.Com, was first launched in 2005), to this site.
This site becoming fully operational will be immediately followed with the mass production of a comprehensive and vast fleet of market-specific optimized Mosaic Class web sites marketing and supporting Aurora PhotoArts. The construction and deployment of this online fleet of web sites will take priority for the rest of 2016.
The production versions of the Mosaic Class sites, which look just like this one, but are more advanced, will be the ones mass produced to make up the fleet. This original site may be old (it has been online in a beta form for 4 years as of last month), but it will remain the main site (although we are looking into building and launching a new, production coded Mosaic Class web site under a new operating domain names to possibly replace this web site; we have not decided, yet. If that happens, we will leave this site online, but won’t update it anymore, as we will transfer our main web site flag to the new site, and switch the marketing domain names to it, too. If it does happen, it won’t be until 2017, as we want to give this site a chance, first).
For more about some of our web site design classes (not classes in web site design, but design groupings that we designate designs under), check out today’s blog post about some web site design classes.

Some important Aurora PhotoArts web site design classes for 2016 and beyond.

Aegis Class marketing and support web site (2016)Aegis Class mock-up.

This is a mockup of the upcoming Aegis Class web site, which is still in development, and design details may change. It is a late 3rd Generation site with SES (Search Engine Superiority; enhanced SEO) and which is mobile-friendly. The Aegis Class web site also uses stealth technology to shape and sculpt search engine performance envelopes, which is a part of the SES enhanced SEO.
Like the Mosaic Class and the Spirit Class, the Aegis Class site is designed to be an advanced, high performance web site which offers a great user experience, and which can be cost-effectively and quickly mass produced, as well as cheap to maintain once deployed (advanced technology, performance, quantity, and cost-effectiveness is a difficult combination to achieve, as you get the best of all worlds and none of the drawbacks, but I have done so with all of my recent web site designs).
The Aegis Class site design shares the same form factor as the Diana Class web site, which it will replace.
This web site class design will be my flagship marketing and support web site for all of my non photography businesses. It will be used for the main Passinault.Com web site, my event planning business web sites, my stage production business web sites, my independent film production company web sites, my video game development company web sites, my record company web sites, and more. The Celebrity Class web site design which will be used for my DJ web sites will be derived from and developed from the Aegis Class web site, which, in turn, was developed from the extremely successful Raptor Class web site used by Tampa Bay Modeling and my Tampa Bay Talent web sites.
At least 8 of these advanced web sites are on order and will be built and deployed by the end of 2016. An additional 8 may be ordered to make a fleet of 16 of these very capable web sites.
The Aegis Class web sites, although designed to be upgradable to 4th Generation web sites, will be replaced by the Destiny Class in the future, which will be a 4th Generation marketing and support web site, and will become my flagship web site design for my non photography businesses.

Diana Class marketing and support web site (2005)Diana Class site.

This is a Diana Class site, and this one was used several years ago for the last incarnation of my event planning business.
The Diana Class was my very first class of web site, back when I decided to design web sites by specified classes. The first one, built and deployed in 2005, was for Aurora PhotoArts. Although the Diana Class web site was not optimized for the marketing of photography and design work, the first Diana Class web site proved to be very effective for Aurora PhotoArts.
The Diana Class web site for Aurora PhotoArts was a temporary, or placeholder, web site, however, as it was quickly replaced by a Venus Class web site later that same year.
Around six of the Diana Class were built and deployed. Two exist now, and there will soon only be one left at the Dream Nine Studios archive site as the other will be replaced by an Aegis Class site.
The Diana Class will be replaced by the Aegis Class web site, which shares the same design from factor, but the Aegis Class will be the most advanced non photography business marketing and support web site, and a flagship site design which will be mass produced in numbers which will exceed the numbers of Diana Class sites which were built, and supporting diverse business interests.
The last incarnation of my event planning and stage production businesses used the Diana Class site shown here. My event planning business, once it is up and running, will become my core business, and both it and my photography business will enhance each other.

Mosaic Class photography marketing and support web site (2011/2016/2017)Latest version of the Mosaic Class site.

The Mosaic Class is an advanced marketing and support web site specifically designed for Aurora PhotoArts, to replace the Venus Class sites that it had been using since 2005. It was developed over a five year period among a rapidly changing Internet environment and under strict quality control standards required for the large numbers of these web sites which are planned.
The Mosiac Class web site designed for mass production in 2016 may look like the original one designed in 2011, but it is all new, with mobile-friendly and other design features.
Due to the extreme online competitive environment in the market, there will be more Mosaic Class web site built and deployed than any other class. A massive fleet of these web sites will be built and deployed well into 2017, and the will all be built to market and support Aurora PhotoArts. Although the exact number of web sites to be built is classified, there will be several dozen Mosaic Class sites online by 2017. The Mosaic Class web site is impossible to compete with on a one on one basis, but with a diverse fleet of a lot fo these web sites built, deployed, and maintained cost-effectively, Aurora PhotoArts will dominate online marketing for photography and design in the Tampa Ba area.
The Mosaic Class web site is a cutting-edge, advanced web site with SES (Search Engine Superiority; enhanced SEO) to shape and sculpt search engine performance. Although the prototype Mosaic Class site which is online now does not use stealth technology as a component of its SES, all of the production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites do. The original Mosaic Class web site will look identical to the production versions, and, for the most part, will match them in technology.
The Mosaic Class web site is a late 3rd Generation web site which is designed to be upgradable to a 4th Generation web site. That said, the large fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will be replaced by the Aurora Class web site, a 4th Generation web site, several years from now.
The Mosaic Class web site is designed for an effective front line market life of at least 10 years. Considering the outdated Venus Class sites have lasted 11 years as a front line site, that is easily achievable (the clock should have started running in 2011, and it probably will work out that way in the end, but the 2016 version of the Mosaic Class, the production version, is practically new, so it is 10 years from now. That said, the Aurora Class should replace the fleet of Mosaic Class sites by 2021, with at least a five year support commitment from me. I have the option to maintain the fleet of Mosaic Class sites until 2026, however).
My second photography company, Akula Photography, will use an Akula Class web site specially designed for the marketing and support of photography, fashion, and related businesses. The Akula Class will be developed from the Spirit Class, and will use technology from the Mosaic Class, which the Spirit Class already uses.
A web site design class related to the Mosaic Class, a sister site design known as the Collage Class, will be optimized to market and support design services. Collage Class sites will be finalized and deployed in late 2016.

Spirit Class marketing and support stealth web site (2016)This is no longer an accurate mock-up of a Spirit Class web site.  This is an early concept.

This is a mock up of the Spirit Class stealth web site, which was derived from the Spectacle Class stealth web site concept and which was rapid prototyped to use common design components of the larger Mosaic Class web site.
The Spirit Class web site, although smaller and able to be built and deployed at a faster rate, and despite its design as a full stealth site with high observable modes, has SES (Search Engine Superiority; enhanced SEO) to shape and sculpt search engine performance envelopes, and is every but as capable as a Mosaic Class site.
Built to be modular and scalable, as well as cheap and fast to build and deploy, the Spirit Class is much more flexible than a Mosaic Class web site, and it can be launched with a much smaller content threshhold.
Designed as a true stealth web site, the Spirit Class web site is invisible to search engines, without risking any SEO penalties, with its SES features removed, while retaining the ability for superior search engine performance in its high observable configuration (which, visually, looks identical). It can be used to support sensitive business assets in that mode of operation, being resistant to being found and studied. The Spirit Class web site is also a mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized web site design by default, being better at it than the Mosaic Class.
Although the Mosaic Class web site will make up the bulk of the Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site fleet, several Spirit Class web sites are on order, and will be used for specialized ongoing operations. Although the site only exists in mock up now, in June, which is less than a month from now, there will be one online and fully operational... somewhere in the clutter of the Internet, as the site has been rapid prototyped and can be built and deployed quickly.

Raptor Class talent resource, support, and marketing web site (2006/2007)Raptor Class site.

This is the Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class web site, used by Tampa Bay Modeling, currently the top modeling resource web site in the world. The Raptor Class web site was first used in January 2006 for the then almost two year old Tampa Bay Modeling. It was used for Tampa Bay Film starting in 2007, a year later. Tampa Bay Film eventually exclusively used the dual menued Super Raptor Class web sites, of which 8 were made (That fleet was dismantled after a few years, and Tampa Bay Film began to use the Revolution Class web site, which is optimized for its online film festival). The current Raptor Class web site, the Raptor 3, was deployed in late 2007, and has been is use for 9 years now. It is the most successful web site design class in my history as a web designer.
The Raptor Class web site was so effective, in fact, that the Aegis Class business marketing and support web site, the new flagship web site for most of my companies, was developed from it. The Aegis Class web site replaces the Diana Class.
Although new Raptor Class web sites are being designed and built today, and production continues, next-generation talent resource sites due in 2017 will use the new, upcoming Apache Class talent resource site design. The first two Apache Class sites will be used for online job boards in the Summer of 2016.
The Raptor Class will continue to be in production and in use as front line web sites for several more years, at which time they will be replaced by cutting-edge, extremely advanced Centurion Class web sites, which are 4th Generation web sites. The Centurion Class may also replace the fleet of Apache Class web sites.

Pioneer Class web site (2010)Pioneer Class site.

The Pioneer Class web site, shown here being used by Tampa Shootouts, a photography event development effort which led to the more advanced, and refined, Tampa Bay Shoots, was first used by and developed in 2010 for my pop culture and entertainment web site, Frontier Pop. The Pioneer Class web site design was optimized to show a lot of content, and it was also the first of my web sites to develop what was later SES (Search Engine Superiority; enhanced SEO), first integrated into the Mosaic Class web site in 2011. The enhanced SEO utilized in the Pioneer was developed from experience with the Online Film Festival of Tampa Bay Film, which used a Super Raptor Class site from 2008 to 2012. By 2009, the SEO tactics being pioneered with the online film festival were proven, as they were extremely effective, and they were studied for later web site developments (That is how I know that all of this SES that I keep talking about is not hyperbole, and that it actually works. I know exactly what is going to happen when I build and deploy fleets of web sites in 2016 and 2017; anyone trying to compete with me online is going to be sorry, as well as extremely frustrated).
There were about (I am guessing, as I don’t have time to look up this) 8 Pioneer Class web sites built and developed. Currently, at least four are online, and two are active. Frontier Pop is one of the active ones, and it is going strong. Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops are on standby, and are not being updated anymore, although they are being kept online.
More Pioneer web sites are planned, and the site class is still in production and being maintained. The upcoming Apache Class talent resource site is being developed from the Pioneer Class.

Maverick Class marketing and support web site (2015)Maverick Class site.

The Maverick Class, specifically designed to market and support the Tampa Bay Shoots web sites, was developed from the Pioneer Class used by the predecessor of Tampa Bay Shoots, Tampa Shootouts, which was an event photography development program for Tampa Bay Shoots from 2011 to 2015.
The first Maverick Class web site, for the Tampa Bay Shoots web site, is in final development, and is currently being upgraded to mobile-friendly specifications. It will go online in 2016. Many more Maverick Class web sites will be built and deployed in the future, specifically for the Tampa Bay Shoots sites, and optimized to market and support photography events and workshops.
Tampa Bay Shoots and the other event properties that are related to it will be run by my event planning company. Tampa Bay Shoots support infrastructure and formats, which were developed from the Tampa Shootouts development program and refined, backed by my 22 years of experience with photography events (more than anyone else in the Tampa Bay area), are also used for my secret Mirage Shoots photography development events for the ShimmerWorks research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, the only research and development program of its kind for any photography company in the world.
If what I have developed for Tampa Bay Shoots is good enough for me to use, you could imagine how much it will benefit its client base. Once again, the quality standards and attention to detail of me making myself a client first benefits my other clients by default.
Oh, and both ShimmerWorks and the Mirage Shoots research and development events will, literally, make Aurora PhotoArts and its sister companies the best photography companies in the world, with capabilities which no one else will have.

Venus Class marketing and support web site (2005)Venus Class site.

This is the Venus Class marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, which is still being used currently while the Mosaic Class sites are brought to operational status (and that site should have been decommissioned three years ago, although it is still working fine).
Designed, built, and deployed in 2005, the Venus Class site has been a successful workhorse, and there are currently two online, both of which will be replaced by Mosaic Class web sites in the near future. The Venus Class was also the first to use an innovative “alert” system for contacting clients, the predecessor of an advanced client support system built into the Mosaic Class web sites which I have not revealed until now, and which I cannot discuss.
A “lite” version of the Venus Class, one of the first to explore a rapid prototyped web site concept, the Huey Class, was extremely successful, and more of those were built and deployed than the Venus Class itself.
Both the Venus Class web site and the related Huey Class are obsolete, and will be replaced by new Mosaic Class web sites, although an advanced Venus Class, the Venus 3, is in development for sale to web site clients (I don’t sell front line web site designs to my web site clients. They will be cost-effective, easy to maintain effective web sites, but nothing that can be used to compete with me in the wrong hands).


05/27/16/0613 - 08/03/16/0404

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