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Espy Model Testing Program


For best results in your modeling career, keep it family-friendly! Models need to be as marketable as possible in their modeling careers, and you need to be able to compete with other models. We recommend that models avoid high-risk modeling and photography in their modeling portfolios. High-risk modeling includes, but is not limited to, "sexy" modeling, boudoir, glamour, modeling in skimpy bikinis, modeling in lingerie, nudes, and modeling in provocative poses, in addition to any work which can be easily taken out of context. Any work which conflicts with the public image that a company who is offering a modeling job has will handicap the ability of the model to book that job. Anyone who tries to get models to do this type of work, especially new models, and claims that the model "needs" this type of work in their portfolio either does not know what they are doing, or is misleading the model; this is completely and totally FALSE! Most of these "photographers" have unprofessional and unethical motivations, and exploit models; some of these guys call themselves photographers, but are nothing more than voyeurs and the types of creeps that take secret up-skirt pictures of women with shoe cameras. Sexy is dangerous! Also, pictures, once taken and put out there, are literally forever, and cannot be undone; in the case of modeling, the best cure for these risks is prevention. It's just not worth it. Consider whether the pictures in your portfolio are booking you work, or costing you work. Do you really want to help your competition? It's fine to have that fantasy about being a Victoria's Secret model, a Maxim Hometown Hotties model (Why people would want this, we would not know, as it is stupid), or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, but for models just starting out, and most models, it's just not worth the risk. While high-risk modeling is legitimate, it is for experienced professionals, only, professionals who know what they are doing and specifically specialize in this type of work with the full realization that it will hurt their ability to book most modeling jobs. We can explain how and why, and can help you avoid taking unnecessary risks; this is one thing that the Espy Model Testing Program is all about! We know what we are doing, and so will you. Most photographers out there don't know the modeling business like we do, especially since we specialize in this!

Our Espy Model Testing program was started in the Tampa Bay area in 2003, and quickly became a top service. We discontinued our Espy Model Testing Program in 2006 because it was conflicting with our modeling portfolio photography services, but after a few more years of development it is now back, and it is now completely compatible with our modeling portfolio photography services.
Our 2013 Espy Model Testing services are group sessions where aspiring models are evaluated for their modeling potential. It includes a modeling photography session with an Aurora PhotoArts photographer who is experienced in modeling portfolio photography and in working with experienced professional models. Special rates and offers are available for models; please contact us for rates and availability of our Espy Model Testing sessions.
Our Espy Model Testing Sessions, exclusively offered on location in the Tampa Bay market, are very important to us, as well as for aspiring models. Here, a modeling expert and photographer will not only give you quality modeling photographs demonstrating the exceptional work that we do in photographing models, but will evaluate you for a modeling career. Special offers are available if you pass the modeling evaluation, and since it is in our best interest to only pass clients who actually have a shot at modeling (and we will explain why to you during the session. The explanation will make models very happy, as we have a long term agenda which will benefit models in the Tampa Bay area), you can rest assured that you will get an honest evaluation. What if you do not pass? Well, at the very least, you will know about your true potential as a model, and you will get to keep all of your high quality photographs that we have taken of you. It is win-win either way!
Modeling is more than just having an attractive face or body, and, actually, those are misconceptions that we can help you understand. While it is true that every one cannot model, and that it is a skill that requires talent, you need to understand that modeling is more than just having an attractive look; you need to have a MARKETABLE look. The best models have a wide range of marketable looks that they can achieve, which makes them more marketable as a model. Modeling is actually a visual form of marketing, and if you have a look that a business or advertiser is looking for to market their product or service, if you can demonstrate that you have invested in your career and that you have modeling experience, and if you have work in your portfolio which does not conflict with the public image that the company promotes, you will book that modeling job! There are many types of modeling, and many ways of marketing your modeling career. Also, unlike limited models of the past, models now find and book work on their own without going through a modeling agency, which saves both the model and the modeling job money! While it is true that a smart professional model leaves no stone unturned in their search for modeling work, and will use more than one agency as one of many sources of modeling jobs, a smart professional model today is also an independent model, and they do not allow an agency, which is only supposed to work for the model and find them jobs, to manage them or run their careers. The best models are not dependent upon the agencies to get work, and have an advantage over old-modeling industry models who allow themselves to be limited by agency-only representation. The independent model often finds and books work on their own, and the agencies are forced to work harder for those independent models because they do not want to risk getting cut out of the loop and lose money. We will teach you how this works if you participate in our Espy Model Testing Program!
Espy Model Testing Photography Sessions are only available first-come, first-serve, and space is limited, as are the sessions. You owe it to yourself to book you place in an upcoming session today. For more information, please check out Tampa Model Testing, our official Espy Model Testing Program marketing and support web site.

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