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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design

Cool people and places in the Tampa Bay area!

Since Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design was founded in the summer of 1994, we have done a lot of location photography in the Tampa Bay area. We are experts in location-based photography, especially as our modeling portfolio photography services require location photography in order to give our model clients the range that they need in their modeling portfolios and composite cards.
Most of our photography work is location photography, and when we are out and about in the Tampa Bay area, we will sometime take what we call opportunity pictures of people and places. This is what this section is about. While we will not disclose many of our actual photography locations in the Tampa Bay area that we do our modeling and talent photography sessions at, we will publish some of our out-takes and discoveries here. If you were out and ran into one of our photographers last weekend, this is where your pictures would be.
There are a lot of photographers in the Tampa Bay area who will go to events and night clubs in an attempt to market whatever it is that they try to do. There are some who might even role play like they are paparazzi. That’s fine, as everyone needs a hobby. That’s not us, however. We are serious about what we do, and we are going to provide the professional alternative to all of that. Since our photographers were born shooting in a variety of tough and challenging locations, often with only available light, we have the edge in what we consider to be our natural element: Taking pictures of cool people on location. So, if we happen to be out and about, especially at public events, and you catch our eye, we might even take a picture or two to show you what we can do. It won’t cost you anything, either, and you can see the results right here, in our Tampa Bay Scene Portfolio!
The Tampa Bay area is a great one for photography, and we would even say that it is probably the best place in the United States for outdoor photography. Our weather is not only great most of the time, but we have the best beaches, as well as a wide range of scenery, to use in our photography sessions. We love taking pictures of interesting people in the urban environments of Brandon, among the skyscrapers of downtown Tampa, on the beaches of Clearwater and Saint Petersburg, down at the world's best beaches at Fort DeSoto, the long beaches of Sarasota and Fort Meyers, the woodlands of Riverview, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Wesley Chapel, the rural areas of Lakeland and Plant City, the trendy areas of South Tampa, Hyde Park, New Tampa, Carollwood, and Northdale, and in other notable locations in the Tampa Bay area.
We love photography. We love taking pictures in the many great locations in the Tampa Bay area. We also love cool people, people like you. This is your scene, just for you, here on the main Aurora PhotoArts web site.

Out-take and location opportunity photography done in the Tampa Bay area is provided as a free sample of what we can do in photography. Photographed people may not be clients of Aurora PhotoArts, may not be affiliated with Aurora PhotoArts in any way, and may not necessarily share opinions expressed on this web site. Free Tampa Bay Scene opportunity photography is done with no obligation for the photographed people to buy any product or service, and photographs published here are made available to them as-is, with no warrantees or guarantees made, expressed, or implied. People in the pictures published here, as the subjects of the photographs, are pictured here on this web site with their permission, either verbally or in writing, are made aware of privacy issues, and are 18 or older. Although photographs are made available to the people pictured free of charge, other services offered at Aurora PhotoArts are offered at competitive rates.

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