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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design - Web Site Update Log -




12/06/13: After months of slow work, finishing up the graphic and image sets for the Mosaic Class sites this weekend. Updated information for 2014 today. This first Mosaic Class web site is about to become fully operational, and will then become our official main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts.

07/17/13: Graphic and image templates for the virtual assembly line were finalized on July 16, 2013, and mass production of file sets begin today. They should be done in a few days.
It was decided to go with full color thumbnail arrays, so thumbnails will not be subdued. This will give the Mosaic Class sites their “mosaic” look by default, too. Our main thumbnail array, which uses the smaller 50 X 50 format (our main portfolio uses 100 X 100 format thumbnails, but those thumbnails are arrayed in the content section below, where there is plenty of room), takes a proven concept from the online film festival of Tampa Bay Film by making it easy to update without having to update and refresh the entire web site on the server. By default, this means that we can show our latest work in the main thumbnail array at-will, and that it will be used to show our newest images. Our latest work can be added in seconds, if required.
We are considering adding graphic mouse-over buttons, like the original specifications for the Mosaic Class site had, for all of the sites. This would be done by creating thin bright yellow graphic strips (yellow for link) with bright green mouse-over coloration with the text of the menu laid out, and then cut up to use as the menus (an old technique, but it works very well, and it is far more visibly engaging than text links). The current text link menu would still be retained, but would be moved down to the bottom of the page for navigation purposes. Obviously, this choice would make it more difficult to edit the main menu selections, as the menu would have to be completely redone to make changes. The decision on this would be made this week, and implemented once the graphic and image sets are done (50 are needed, minimum, to make the sites work, and 100 are needed, minimum, to give the mass produced Mosaic Class sites the necessary variety in layout. Obviously, since we are designing for mass production, and need to easily sustain mass production of these sites, 100 sets are needed to start out with. With all of the file variants, those 100 sets will translate to 2,000 files. This will obviously take a few days). This development hell that we have been stuck in the past 18 months is about to become a thing of the past, as the first of these sites will be needed online this month.
We are now creating image headers for each section, and will be simultaneously be creating small thumbnails, large thumbnails, stand-alone header portfolio canvas image (the large pictures on the upper left, next to the main thumbnail array, which is made up of small thumbnails) files, and either portrait or landscape orientated stand-alone image files in 600, 500, and 300 pixel-across variants; all images, except for the thumbnails, which have to be in both color and black and white versions except for instances where color versions of the target image files are not available (or the image does not work well in black and white. You can see how 100 sets can turn into 2,000 files, at least). All of these files will also have mouse-over versions and target sets, tripling the number of files. The section image headers for this site should be done today.
Once the Mosaic Class sites are online and dully operational, it will open up everything else for us. At this point with our new business and marketing plans, which have been in the works for six years now, the only hold up has been these sites, and a few contracts.

07/14/13: Adjusted Java lock concerning copyright and privacy on site templates, since web site graphics and images are now at a high, printable resolution of 300 PPI/ DPI, with our new watermarking techniques effective. Did not refresh the files on the server, however; site will be refreshed on the server in the next 48 hours. Preparing site for full operational capability with the completion of our graphic and image files sets; at this time, we are finalizing templates for the third and the final time, and will be creating over 2,000 file sets for use with our planned armada of Mosaic Class sites, with twice the needed amount done to avoid duplicate content issues and to give the high number of web sites variety (with over 14 years of professional quality work behind us, we have more than enough pictures to work with). Full mass production and deployment is scheduled for within the next week, and a year from now, these sites will be everywhere, and they will be unavoidable. The two marketing/ branding domain names that we have for Aurora PhotoArts will be redirected this week, and one of those will be redirected again in a few weeks; how and why are classified. All sites, marketing, and sales comply with new security protocols, which are needed to maintain market superiority and leadership; information is only dispensed and revealed on a need to know basis.

07/05/12: Added a ton of new content and sections in preparation for IOC and operations of this new web site. Added the rest of the main sections on the top menu (photography, design, art, web design, and support). Added videos section to sub menu array. Image and graphics sets will be completed within 48 hours, and the site will achieve IOC with the featured online portfolio core, which will be a separate online portfolio from the main one; taking lessons learned from the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, and Frontier Pop, both of which had excellent SEO performance, we are building a featured online portfolio core which can be updated without having to refresh the entire site (this will give us the capability of easily being able to add our latest work, kind of like the old newest pictures section on the old original Venus Class Aurora PhotoArts site (V.6) was supposed to do. The initial featured online portfolio core will have a total of 50 picture image files and supporting web page sections, with each portfolio section having at least a paragraph of content, for a total of at least 10 pages of organized, relevant content. The main portfolio core, which will be online sometime in July, will be much more extensive, and the smaller featured portfolio, which has temporary content, will link to the relevant and more comprehensive content in the main portfolio. This site is going to be the largest and most heavily updated photography services web site in the Tampa Bay market within a year; even without our additional marketing and support, as well as our annex marketing sites, this one site will have SEO superiority in the Tampa Bay photography and design services market, as it will be at least 10 times larger than any of the other Aurora PhotoArts sites, and will be the most updated.

06/28/12: Added support content, including this web site update log, features, terms of use, and disclaimers. TOS and disclaimer information was taken from the contact section, and the main template footer section, respectively. This web site update log is now online. Adjusted existing content.

06/27/12: Updated content on the site in preparation for Initial Operating Capability (IOC). Site content is light, however. Refreshed main Mosaic Class template with additional content, as well, in preparation for the addition of the image and graphics file sets in a few days.

05/06/12: Launched new Mosaic Class web site, the first of its kind, for the main Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design marketing and support web site. The site, however, is barely functional, as the image and graphics sets are not ready. The site has minimal content, as well, and it is a work in progress.



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