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05/12/15/0919 - Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site. - UPDATED 05/12/15/0919

05/14/14 - Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market.

09/17/13 - Legacy Venus Class site updated. Mosaic site work. Archive library coming.

07/17/13 - Official Aurora PhotoArts shirts and accessories are coming in 2014!

01/21/13 - First three 4th Generation Web Site Classes Announced. Late 3rd Generation Web Sites To Be Upgraded to 4th Generation, which includes the Mosaic Class.

07/26/12 - Mosaic Class Deployment. 4th Generation Web Site Development. Aurora Class Site Development Announced.

05/06/12 - New Aurora PhotoArts web site launches.

Welcome to the official news section of the main Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design marketing and support web site.
Of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts starting in 2014, this is our main web site for the Tampa Bay market, which is our primary market. Our other Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites also have news sections for their target markets, and they are formatted like this one is, but this is the one where most of our news will be posted.
This news section is for company announcements, special offers, additions to this site, and other updates. We will not be posting most news about our other sites, nor will we link to them often, if at all. Unlike our blog, which only exists on this web site, the news section consists of news and updates, and does not include opinions.
Our news section will also soon include a news archive from earlier Aurora Photoarts web sites, which go back to 2000, including the hundreds of pages of news on our earlier Venus and Diana Class web sites.
Aurora PhotoArts is a photography and design business in the Tampa Bay market which has a rich legacy and pedigree going back to June 10, 1994, which was the date that we were founded and branded, and the day of our first photography session in Tampa’s Lowrey Park. From 1994 to 1999, Aurora PhotoArts only serviced our sister companies, and did not offer services to the market, which includes the public. From 2000 onward, we became the top photography and design services company in the Tampa Bay market specializing in modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots, which we still specialize in today. We are the choice of professional models and talent to this day, and we have extensive investments in support resources for the careers of our model and talent clients, which include, but are not limited to, Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, Florida Models, and Florida Actors. More resources are on the way, as well. Aurora PhotoArts is also the founder of the premier professional photography association of the Tampa Bay, Florida, market, the Tampa Bay Photography Society.
We are dedicated to maintaining professional standards and integrity in the Tampa Bay market, and pride ourselves in our work and our professional conduct. Of course, our 20th anniversary is in 2014, so we will be celebrating two decades of our legacy of hard, quality work throughout 2014, and we invite everyone to join in on the celebration!

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