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Aurora PhotoArts has had a long history of web site development and search engine optimizingA 3rd generation Venus Class web site, which has had a long and successful track record since 2005. work (SEO), with SEO being very difficult to do well in the web design industry, although Aurora PhotoArts has had a lot of success, and consistency, in SEO, to the point of being once of the few web design companies to offer web sites with full SES capabilities (Search Engine Superiority, which our late 3rd generation, 4th generation, and 5th generation web sites will have by default. This late 3rd generation Mosaic Class web site has full SES capabilities). Because we have so many web sites, many of our sites share the same base layout and design, described as a web site class. Some of our most famous and successful web sites are listed below, along with their web site design classification (class).
Our track record is impressive, especially looking back at our earlier 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation web sites. We have built over 70 web sites since 1998. Our older 3rd generation web sites, which began being built and deployed in 2005, include our Diana Class, Venus Class, and Huey Class web sites. These web site designs have been discontinued in use with our companies, or are on their way out, but may be available for the use of clients for a discount, as they are no longer considered to be front line web sites. For the record, too, we began describing web site designs and layout formats as classes starting with the 3rd generation in 2005.
A new, late 3rd generation Pioneer Class web site, which first saw use online in the summer of 2010. The logo and design work is ours, too, and those services are not included with our web site design and SEO services.As of July 5, 2012, we are currently working with late 3rd generation web sites, which include our state of the art Mosaic Class sites (the site which you are now on, the main Aurora PhotoArts site, uses a Mosaic Class site, and we are planning on building and deploying 16 of them by the end of 2013, all for our use as first line marketing and support sites, and most of them for Aurora PhotoArts). Other late 3rd generation web sites include Frontier Pop, which uses a Pioneer Class web site, Tampa Bay Modeling, which uses a Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class (Raptor 4's, which are full 4th generation versions of the Raptor Class site - the variant number and the generation number being she same is a coincidence), is in development), Independent Modeling, which uses an Athena Class web site, and Tampa Bay Film, which currently uses a Super Raptor enhanced Raptor Class site, but will soon relaunch with a new Revolution Class web site.
Our late 3rd generation web sites, which include, but are not limited to, the Mosaic Class, the Gallery Class, the Pioneer Class, the Athena Class, the Revolution Class, and the Dreadnought Class, are all designed to be easily upgraded to new 4th generation web sites in the coming years. Current late 3rd generation webThis is a 3rd generation Diana Class site, which will be phased out this year and replaced with a new site class with a simular layout. This one was launched in 2005, and the button designs will be retained, as they are awesome! sites are optimized for good SEO/ SES performance, and utilize CSS templates, mouse-over graphics, JPEG images and graphic files, and static HTML web pages, with great support for publishing and organizing lots of content.
Upcoming 4th generation web sites are revolutionary in nature. They will use interactive Flash graphics and images and PHP databasing technology, with the ability to easily publish and organize content at a new level of ease and sophistication; content which includes text, photographs, video, and video games. 4th generation web sites will be optimized for full search engine superiority (SES), which is much better than standard SEO capabilities. 4th generation web sites also include, by default, the ability to utilize user created content and to support built-in social media features.
4th generation web sites will begin to be deployed and used in late 2012, starting with the firstA 3rd generation Huey Class site for Aurora PhotoArts. These sites had awesome SEO performance. ones which will be used for our second photography company and fashion group.
Currently, our web team is busy working on web sites for our companies, with the priority being internal support (we do not sell any of our front line web site designs or web sites, being the ones that we use, to clients, either), but we do accept contracts for web development and SEO. We will be doing a full roll-out of these services in 2013. Web site design services will be a major service that we will offer beginning in 2013, and we are developing a new line of late 3rd generation and 4th generation web sites specifically for clients. Many of these are front line web sites along the lines of what we use for our businesses, and they are optimized for search engine superiority (SES). Web site design packages with formatted designated design classes are expected to start at under $1,000.00 for a small web site.

As of 07/06/12, we are working on new 4th generation web sites, which will debut in late 2012,The re newed Athena  Class site, a late 3rd generation web site. Logo was by Aurora PhotoArts, also. with full roll-outs in 2013. Although these sites, which will use flash graphics, will have full multimedia capabilities, and will have PHP data basing, e commerce, and social network capabilities built into them, are still in development, we are already writing the specifications for 5th generation web sites now. 5th generation sites, which are not due to debut until sometime in late 2014, will have data basing and social media features built in (which is a given that we would include default features that are in the previous generation), and will also have enhanced multimedia and flash capabilities. These sites will also be customizable, tailoring the experience to each individual using the sites. They will also have enhanced e commerce functions, as well as capabilities for external social media, mobile media (custom apps which act as extensions of the web site), and event enhancement integration. Because a lot of our long term strategy will be utilizing event marketing platforms, such as modeling fashion shows and film festivals, integrating these advanced 5th generation web sites with our events will be a crucial strategy, and one which noA Raptor 3 Raptor Class site, a current web site design with an outstanding track record. one in the Tampa Bay market will be able to compete against. 5th generation sites will act more like software programs than web sites, with incredible interactivity and flexibility built into them. With Aurora PhotoArts offering web site development and support services to clients for the first time in 2013, after establishing our proven track record, this alone will inspire development of more advanced web sites.







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