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Mosaic Class Order Extended to 12; Planned Service Life Increased. - A New Era Begins This Week

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

Mosaic Class Deployment To Begin.

We are anticipating getting this first Mosaic Class web site fully operational this weekend, and it could be as early as May 30, 2013, about 48 hours from now. We have finished going through over 14 years of photograph image files, going back to at least 1998; that daunting and tedious process taking over a year, as we had hundreds of thousands of image files to go through. We have spent the extra time, too, finalizing our image and graphic set format. The “featured portfolio” thumbnails are the upper right of each page of the Mosaic Class web site (this web site), which also doubles as a new image feature, uses a 50 X 50 pixel thumbnail format (at 300 PPI/DPI, which all of our graphic and image files now use, a benefit of our advanced security protocols, which include our proprietary watermarking technology). We designed a 100 pixel version for use with our main portfolio cores several weeks ago, and this is now in production. We also designed a high resolution template four times larger than our 300 X 400 vertical / 400 X 300 horizontal stand-alone image file format, which will yield multiple files indexes of 500 and 300 pixel image files, respectively. This gives the Mosaic Class sites the flexibility that it needs to be mass produced and not have the sites look like each other exactly; we needed 50 file sets to get the Mosaic Class site fully operational, and with the new order of 100 sets to support mass production of the fleet of 16 Mosaic Class web sites for Aurora PhotoArts now on order (and all due online and fully operational by the end of this year), this gives us an initial set of 1,200 graphics and image files to work with (mouse-overs and color/ black and white versions of the files). The thumbnails, which will all be in color for even the black and white images that they link to, are only at 70% visibility, mixed in with the primary site color of blue, for the 50 pixel thumbnails used in the main site design, so that it will not look too cluttered, and the 100 pixel series will be brighter and 100% visible, since they are not a consistent site design element (this could change in the next day, however, for continuity reasons. We are still testing, and a decision on that is hours away, and will be made just before mass production of those file sets is committed to). The 50 pixel thumbnails, of course, go 100% visible once mouse-overed. Try it and see for yourself (once they are online)! We have addressed a ton of details in the design of the Mosaic Class site design, and it is a powerful late 3rd Generation marketing and support site engineered, and optimized, for photography and design services. There is not a single photography or design web site available, now or in the near future (except for our upcoming Aurora Class), which can compete with the Mosaic Class, and it is designed to be the dominant photography and design marketing and support web site for the Tampa Bay market, as well as the Florida market, for up to 10 years, especially with upgradability engineered into the site for easy overhauls to full 4th Generation web sites, which would be PHP database based and would use flash graphics and multimedia, as well as contextual formats, easy updates and content management, and modular customization features. This may not seem very relevant now, but in the next year or so, when our competitors come here and read this “prediction”, and realize that it has come true (a lot of them will be frustrated because they will see our sites everywhere, and will not be able to compete with them or do anything about it), it will be very relevant. We have been doing the web site development thing a long time, since 1998, and not only are we very experienced, and we know what we are doing (We have made our fair share of mistakes over the years, and have learned from them. We will make fewer mistakes in the future, if we make any of them), but we are very serious about making these web sites effective and lethal marketing and support tools. We are not resting on our laurels, however, as development into new 4th Generation web sites is now underway. One of the first of those 4th Generation web sites, which will be built and engineered from the ground-up to take full advantage of their new technology, is the upcoming Aurora Class web site, which is the successor to this Mosaic Class web site. The Aurora Class web site, which is scheduled to debut as early as 2015, is the only photography and design marketing and support web site which can defeat the Mosaic Class web site in all aspects.
Some might say that the Mosaic Class web sites will be obsolete as they are built and deployed, but this remains to be seen. These web sites are built to be effective, and relevant, for at least a decade, and the 2.0 upgrade to the Mosaic Class site may be eligible for sale to our web site design clients once they are no longer in our front line service (We do not sell front line web sites to third party clients, or to anyone who could, or would, use them to compete with us, as many aspects of the sites and their technology are classified as trade secrets, and essential for the maintenance of our overall market superiority). Our people are estimating that our fleet of 16 Mosaic Class web sites, which would all be operational in the Fall of 2013, would be in front line service for Aurora PhotoArts until at least the Fall of 2016, or 3 years, which would give us plenty of time to develop and fine-tune the technology and the modular format of the 4th Generation Aurora Class (Remember that the Mosaic Class web site has been in development for just over two years, being ordered on March 10, 2011, and we could have rushed it out and deployed the new site in months, with the fleet of 16 all fully operational and online by the end of 2011, which would have been a mistake. We like paying attention to details and doing things right before using marketing and support technology, especially when it is designed to be mass produced, and any mistakes or short-sights would be replicated along the entire line. These are not one-off, or short-term, web sites. They have to have strong legs! This Mosaic Class site was brought online on May 6, 2012, almost a year ago, which technically makes the development time of the Mosaic Class site just over a year, although we have used the extra time as a online shakedown and testing period while we were waiting for the work on the graphic and image sets to be done, and this took a lot longer than we had anticipated; over a year. Future web site designs will not need this length of time to be developed). If the Aurora Class debuts before 2016, which it will probably do, it will supplement the Mosaic Class during a shakedown period, before finally replacing the current sites. With the planned features of the Aurora Class being quite revolutionary, the Aurora Class web site will eventually replace the fleet of Mosaic Class sites. This means that the Aurora PhotoArts of 2018, five years from now, will look a lot different, both online and offline, as it will become one of the top photography and design companies in the world, all here in Tampa Bay, Florida.
That’s future talk, however.
We should have the second Mosaic Class marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts built and deployed by the end of next week, the third site the following week, and so on. At the current time, there is not a single bit of content for that second site, and the operating domain name does not exist (the operating domain name for the third site has been online for a while, however, and it has some starter content). We know what it will be, however, as we have detailed (and classified) long-term plans. The site will be built, and instantly deployed immediately upon acquiring its operating domain name, launching “hot” as a fully operational web site, as will most of the fleet (the new Revolution Class site for Tampa Bay Film was built and deployed that way a few weeks ago under its new operating domain name, and the results were incredible. It had strong search engine performance within days, and not the months that we had anticipated, as the search engines, upon their initial indexing of the new domain name, had a full web site to crawl and index). Once online, we will immediately attach one of our marketing domain names to the new site. The AuroraPhotoArts.Com branding/ marketing domain name and the TampaLooks.Com marketing domain name will be attached to this first Mosaic Class site once it is fully operational in a few days, and the existing Venus Class marketing and support site that those domains currently connect to, which is about six years old, will be left online as a dormant second-tier site until it is replaced by a new Mosaic Class site this Summer (why take something offline if it is still working, and has good search engine presence? We’ll cover the costs in that case, and will keep the domain names and the directories. This may end up increasing our fleet of 16 Mosaic Class web sites to as many as 24, potentially, but it will be worth it if that were to happen). The original Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support site, under Passinault.Com, and also currently a Venus Class site, will be decommissioned in days. The site needs to be redone, anyway, and it will be built and relaunched this year using a new class of web site, also a late 3rd Generation marketing and support site, which is not a Mosaic Class site (It will replace the old early 3rd Generation Diana Class site from 2005 that it currently uses. Cool fact: The main marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts, one of the first named design classes and 3rd Generation sites, was a Diana Class site in 2005. This was replaced by the Venus Class site in 2006, as the Diana Class was not designed, or optimized, for marketing photography services. So, the very first Diana Class site was retired in about a year!). This is a stop-gap, however, for a year or so, as the flagship 4th Generation web site, the Destiny Class, will eventually be used by our Passinault.Com mother company site, and our sister Passinault.Com companies; The film production company, the music label, the video game development and publishing company, the event planning company, and the stage production company. That’s an order right there for 6 Destiny Class sites right there, and there may eventually be as many as 12 for assorted Passinault.Com companies and properties.
The second Mosaic Class web site, which is currently classified (after all, we have not purchased the domain name, yet, as the site has to be completed and uploaded before we do so), will be the most advanced marketing site of the fleet, and will have features that the others, including this one, will not. It will be unique, and some of the tactics used, which are very un-Aurora PhotoArts-like, will force others in the market to adapt in order to attempt to compete. With a specialized marketing strategy developed over the past 6 years to support it, with every detail and part of that strategy tested and proven, it will be a game changer for the Tampa Bay market. It will be, among other things, the only Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class web site to publish service rates on it, and there is a reason for that. We’re just not going to reveal that reason, as the strategy is highly classified.
This first Mosaic Class web site for Aurora PhotoArts is also unique, in other ways, as this is officially our main marketing and support web site (AuroraPhotoArts.Com, after all, will be connected to it, shortly). This site will be at least 10 time larger than the others in the fleet, and it will be updated a lot more. This is also where our advanced client support system will be located at, as well as a ton of other support technology (No one will be able to compete with the level of client support and business operations support that we have developed. It is, literally, the most advanced in the world for a business of our type, with years of work into it). This is the mother site, and one day, when the Mosaic Class is phased out and the new 4th Generation Aurora Class marketing and support sites take over, that first fully operational web site will be here at this operating domain name.
We have the capability, once the image and graphics sets are done, to build and deploy up to three fully operational Mosaic Class web sites per week, with no compromises to content, quality, and effectiveness. Due to other obligations, however, and for extra attention to detail, we will limit the production of our fleet of Mosaic Class web sites to one per week. It will take four months to build and deploy the fleet of 16 on order. By early 2014, they will dominate the market, and our competition, the few out there who could actually be considered peers, will attempt to adapt and compete. Most will fail.
It will be exactly as it should be.


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