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Saturday, August 18, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

Domain Name Rotation. Mosaic Class Progress.

Domain Name Rotation

It’s been a hectic week, between being sick (I never get sick, either) and some other issues. I’ve also been annoyed with several people buying up my discarded domain names.
As you know, I had (past tense, as the dumping began in May) a total of 78 domain names this year. With the price of domain names going up, certain companies not honoring their discounts, and search engines penalizing me over B.S. (Namely, my ownership of so many web sites, and those web sites linking to each other), I’ve been dumping old domain names and positioning new ones in the largest domain name and web site shakeup since, well, ever, and I’ve been in the web site development game since 1998 (that would be 14 years).
As of today, I plan on dumping, and have been dumping, a total of 44 of those 78 total domain names from May 2012 (I’ve already dumped a lot) until (late) 2013, and it will be the end of 2013 before the dust settles. That leaves 34 domain names. I will have a total of 46 domain names by 2013 (it could waver around 50, especially since I just now had to renew some domains that I intend to get rid of, as I need to prep them and burn them before cybersquatters obtain them when I do get rid of them, and there are some more that need to be renewed this year, before I dump them, so it will be 2014 before everything is finally stable. I may also have to retain as many as 4 domain names, for security reasons, and those domains would forward to the new ones as marketing domains. That, and the fact that I will be buying additional domain names to test experimental, new 4th Generation web sites, including stealth sites. Expect between 50 to 60 domain names in my portfolio). Obviously, 12 of the domain names that I will have in 2013 will be entirely new (the math does not add up, but it does if you realize that these numbers are in flux, and that my new domain names that I have already invested in this year are not counted as new at this point, such as this one and Tampa Film Revolution, as examples).
Of these domain names, 10 will be Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts (other than this one, which I do not consider to be new, and 2 others, 7 of these sites will use entirely new marketing and operating domain names). 3 of them will be support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts, used for my professional photography association, my shootout events, and my workshop events. I am considering a 4th, and it should be noted that this 4th site is not counted in any of the official counts at this time.
7 of my 46 domain names will be used as marketing and support domain names for my second photography/ fashion/ modeling company, which will also tackle the high-risk markets which Aurora will not touch. These 7 domain names will be entirely new, too. That makes a total of 20 domain names for the marketing and support of my photography companies, and of those 20, over two-thirds, being 14, are brand new marketing and operating domain names.
8 of my 46 domains will be used for the Tampa Bay Film sites, which will no longer be interconnected with each other (and half of those will use brand new domain names). There will be two domain names used to support the Tampa Bay Film sites, which means that 10 web sites will be used for Tampa Bay Film. On the subject of Tampa Bay Film, once I get the first 3 Mosaic Class web sites online (this is the first one), and achieve I.O.C. (Initial Operational Capability), I will be spending an entire month on the new Tampa Bay Film site. This work is important, too, especially since I will be working out details for the next generation of modeling and talent sites at the same time that I will be working on Tampa Bay Film, which will kill two birds with one stone. After that month spent on Tampa Bay Film and its other sites, I will resume fabricating and deploying additional Mosaic Class web site for Aurora PhotoArts at the rate of about 1 per week, as work will progress quickly once the support graphics and images sets are done with the first 3. Of course, even though I will be working on other sites, Tampa Bay Film will be updated several times per week, with at least 4 new films added to its online film festival and 4 new reviews published, regardless of what other sites are being worked on.
After the 10 Aurora PhotoArts sites are up and running, which will be late this year, I will spend several months, working up to spring of 2013, on my talent and modeling resource sites. Of those, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Acting, and Independent Acting will support the agenda of Tampa Bay Film, and will be optimized and positioned for that mission. I am working on an Independent Talent site, too, but some jackass talent agency in Europe (like they know anything about independent talent, or even support freelance talent) bought the obvious prime choice for the domain name many years ago, after I launched Independent Modeling and Independent Acting, so I am still attempting to obtain the right marketing and operating domain name for that (I actually have it, now, as of 09/21/12, but I would rather build the web site and launch it when I buy the domain name first).
Web site work? As of 09/21/12, I’m looking at another 2 weeks to get the first 3 Mosaic Class sites up to spec, 4 weeks for Tampa Bay Film and its sites (most of that will be spent on Tampa Bay Film itself, however), 8 weeks to get the rest of the 7 Mosaic Class sites up (at this point, it’s 3 ½ months, which would be late December 2012), and then 12 weeks (3 months) for overhauls and brand new sites for Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Dancer (which has not launched, yet), Independent Modeling (This is the big one, and needs to be relaunched soon), and Independent Acting (at this point, that’s 6 ½ months, and March 2013).
I’m getting sidetracked, however. Back to domain names.
16 of those domains are for modeling, talent, and industry resource sites, 6 of them are for primary business web sites under Passinault.Com, 3 are for my DJ career, and 3 of them are online magazines (Frontier Pop, Tampa Film Revolution, and Advanced Model); there is some overlap with these numbers, too.
Of all of these numbers, the target markets for my overall web site demographics would be as follows (update 09/13/12- I just inherited two more talent resource sites, so I went from 16 to 18).

1. Photography (20 web sites between 2 companies).
2. Modeling and talent resources (18 web sites).
3. Independent film (12 web sites).
4. Event production (6 web sites).

It is ironic, though, from looking at those numbers for marketing and support web sites, that the actual business and market priorities are the following.

1. Event production.
2. Photography.
3. Independent film.
4. Modeling and talent resources.

This is a result of several factors, the main ones being what makes the most money in the short term, with that short term cash flow needed to support long term investments, and the fact that fewer web sites will be used in the future (and many older web sites, which use some of my brands and support others, need to be retained). Indeed, although photography and design will continue to expand, and will be very important businesses in the future, event planning and stage production work will become my core business in the future, especially with my film festivals, indie film events, photography events, modeling events, fashion modeling runway shows, industry workshops events, and more. On the other end, with 18 modeling and talent resource sites (Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, the Independent Talent site, and Tampa Bay Film being the main ones), it should be noted that, while these resource sites are important, that, although they will be the most updated web sites in my portfolio, that the emphasis on those resource sites will not be as much as they have been in the past. These resource sites will actually be used more for the support of established clients, although they will be HEAVILY promoted and pushed at ALL of our events, as I see events as important and effective marketing platforms.
With this in mind, I really do not care what the search engines do or do not do, as they will not be nearly as important in the future (especially in this economy, where far fewer are looking to buy anything online), although all of my newest sites will, by default, be built with enhanced SEO called SES (Search Engine Superiority). With all of the social media features built into the 4th Generation web sites which are in development, too, I do not think that SEO will be an issue at all. All of these sites will be impossible to ignore in any analysis category. Search engines will no longer be the goal, either, and good SEO will be a benefit of just having well-designed and updated web sites with relevant content. Problem solved.
With SEO no longer the goal, and now a benefit, as well as the higher costs of web site domain names, and the hassle of getting rid of domain names once they are established (jerks buy them and try to use them after they are defined by us and we get rid of them), it is unlikely that we will ever have as many domain names as before. The emphasis will be on more effective, but fewer, web sites.
Another issue, too, is that we have idiots out there buying our discarded domain names.
Effective immediately, we will be burning domain names before we get rid of them, and this means that I may have to renew domain names which I plan on getting rid of for at least one additional year. I will be using reverse SEO and domain poisoning tactics on the domains that I will be getting rid of to make them worthless as far as search engine rankings and page rank is concerned (obviously, my domain names are worth a lot, because 95% of them are being taken as soon as I get rid of them. The annoying thing is that the losers who are buying these domain names would not buy those word combinations in any domain name had I not thought of them and established them, first. They also demonstrate, consistently, that they do not know how to use them or what to do with them once they obtain them). This is because people are buying the domain names, and I want to make sure that my work will not benefit them. Also, let it be known that I retain the rights, such as trademarks, to the brands in the domain names, and if anyone tries to use them to compete with me, or to confuse the market with some branding which is close to the ones that I am using, I will take legal action against them.
Because of the sensitive nature of these domain names, and also because it is now obvious that I have people tracking what I do online and working against me any way that they can manage (they cannot compete with me, or debate with me, and I am a threat to whatever it is that they are trying to do, so that is obvious), I will no longer (consistently) link between these web sites, nor will I go out of my way to point out the domain names that I own (the ones that I named in this blog post are well-known, and obvious, and that is the only reason that I named them here. New domain name acquisitions will be secret). Most of my domain names, other than the marketing domain names that have to be revealed, for obvious reasons, are classified. I am going to make it very difficult for people to see what I am doing online, or to compile a list of all of my domain names. Since some of my domains were poisoned by competitors who found an angle that they could exploit back in the Spring (pointing out to a search engine that all of my sites link to each other, for starters, because they were angry about my sites dominating search results. As a result, some of my sites were penalized. I will no longer be making any mistakes; I will be back, even stronger, and this time, there isn’t a thing that anyone can do about it), I am now replacing them with new brands, and new marketing and/ or operating domain names.
Some might be wondering why I am buying new domain names instead of try to rehabilitate the ones that were penalized, or poisoned. Well, the ones that were penalized which are important brands will NOT be replaced, and they will be rehabilitated. The restoration process takes longer than just starting over again, however, especially since I have demonstrated time and time again that I can bring a new domain name to the top of search engines for relevant results in as little as 6 months (Tampa Designer Blog, Tampa DJ Blog, Tampa Shootouts, Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival) and keep it there for years (Tampa Bay Modeling, Frontier Pop, Tampa DJ Blog). In some cases, especially since mistakes will not be made anymore, it makes more sense to start fresh. Of course, this leaves a lot of wreckage behind in the form of good domain names, so like any Navy which has to abandon ships, and does not want the enemy to take over the ships, I am sinking them. Between the search engines doing whatever, and my ability to come up with great domain names at-will and take them to the top in a few months, there is little value in domain names, unless it is for a brand that I own. Operating domain names (domains with keywords in the title) are the most expendable, and domain names that function as both marketing and operating domain names (Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Film, Frontier Pop) are the most valuable; marketing domain names have branding in them, or are easy to remember, such as FrontierPop.Com and (Tampa Looks is pure marketing, as it leads to the current main Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support site. Although Aurora PhotoArts, which is the brand and a domain name which forwards to the same main site that TampaLooks.Com forwards to, is the correct branding, could you imagine using Aurora PhotoArts in a radio commercial? It’s not as easy to remember, or spell, as Tampa Looks is. This is why I also have Tampa Looks). In the future, especially since networking web sites together is frowned upon by search engines, and more effort needs to be done publishing and organizing relevant content on fewer web sites, marketing domain names will be the priority, especially when they can double as operating domain names, although domain names that can pull double duty are not common, especially when most good brands are not locked to a geographical market.
As you can see, I have it down to a science. Now you know what I am doing and why I am doing it. Those new domain names, again, are classified.

Mosaic Class progress

I’m still going through all of those images in my portfolio. It took me months just to compile them from our archive file CD’s (an actress out there is lucky, too. I’m not charging her for copies of her files because I’m doing her a favor, and because the files were recently added to a hard drive for this project. If I had to search for them by going through CD’s, there would have been a charge of at least $100.00, because it would have taken some time. This said, this is the only freebie that I will be doing, because she is in a tight spot, and the files were right there and easy to access. Now, all that I need for her to do is to send me a flash drive so that I can copy the files to it, and mail her back her flash drive with all of here image files from all three shoots, her print files, and a release). After this weekend, I will probably have even more files to add to the hard drive, adding some more time to the project, as I will be finding more CD’s in the back of the studio (I’ve done a lot of shoots in the past decade. This is taking a lot more time than I originally planned). I will not be working on web sites this weekend or going through pictures for the Mosaic Class sites, as I will be working on the studio and cleaning. I hope to get the editing done early next week.
If the editing is done early next week, I will have the first 3 Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts (this one, and 2 others, which will not be named here, as the domains are classified) up and operational by mid September. After the first three are up and running, there will be a shakedown period, and the remaining 7 on order will not be started for at least another month or two after that. I will be working on Tampa Bay Film’s new Revolution Class site for at least a month after the first 3 Mosaic’s are up. After the new Tampa Bay Film site is up, I will begin working on the final 7 Mosaic Class sites, giving myself a lead time of at least three weeks to analyze data from the first 3, make adjustments, and get up to speed. With one Mosaic Class site being built and deployed every week, it will take an additional two months to get them all online. So, it will be early 2013 before all of the 10 Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support sites are operational, and at least another 6 months before they all achieve SES (Search Engine Superiority). Once up and operational, however, the next generation Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support site, a 4th Generation site called the Aurora Class, will begin full scale development. Expect the advanced Aurora Class site to replace the Mosaic Class sites by late 2014, as the Mosaic Class sites will not have the shelf life that the 7 year old Venus Class sites did; the Mosaic Class sites are designed to be relevant for as long as 10 years, but I only intend for them to be in front line service for about 2 to 3 years, at the most, not even a third as long as the Venus Class sites were. All 10 Mosaic Class sites, and any additional ones that are added in the next 2 years, will be replaced by Aurora Class sites. Aurora Class sites use flash graphics and PHP database code, and have full multimedia and social networking capabilities built in.


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