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Friday, August 10, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

Fewer Web Sites. Mosaic Class Work. Curtain Works.

A lot of work has been done. A lot more needs to be done.
Work on the fleet of Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class sites is taking a lot longer than anticipated,This recent headshot (more of a torso shot, seriously) of model Melissa Maxim sports the older logo watermark with the registered mark. I will only change these original pictures to updated watermark logos if I market with them. despite attempts to fast-track the selection and editing of image files for our new portfolio properties (I do not like taking short cuts in anything, as I am very detail orientated, and, fortunately, taking short cuts in this area has proven to be impossible. It is a massive job, and I’ve been working at it. It will get done when it gets done, as too many projects are dependent upon the results of this work; projects such as the Mosaic Class web sites, 4th Generation web site prototyping, a new portfolio book, and advanced portfolios such as our iPad portfolio). This image selection and the related editing and fabrication of Mosaic Class file sets is the main reason that development and deployment of these sites is taking so long. It is the reason why that, at the time of this post, that there is only one Mosaic Class web site online, it only has one picture to show, and why the online portfolio cores and thumbnail arrays are not online. This will change, however, and things will progress rapidly when it does.
Just a few days ago, a meeting with our attorney necessitated a slight adjustment of our logo, replacing the Registered symbol with the more accurate Service Mark (SM) symbol, for trademarking the Aurora PhotoArts name. Aurora PhotoArts print files, portfolio image files, contracts (service agreements), new modular agreements and releases, headshots, composite cards, business cards, flyers, branded equipment, and support equipment such as our upcoming embroidered uniforms will incorporate the updated logo branding, and, for once, the delays have worked in our favor, because this would have been a significant and costly endeavor had our logo been in widespread use, as the use of an inaccurate logo would have posed legal risks.
This said, I’ve been going over hundreds of thousands of pictures from about 12 years of professional work, and this has taken time. I should be finished this week. It will take at least another week to finish the graphics and image sets, with updated logos and logo watermarking technology applied. Once those graphics and image sets are done for the Mosaic Class site line, I will be able to build and deploy Mosaic Class sites quickly, with no compromises to content or effectiveness, at the rate of about one per week in a web site assembly line. Despite announcements before of the construction (fabrication) and deployment of a large fleet of up toThis is a Pioneer Class web site, an updated version of the same design used by the ultra-popular, and successful, Frontier Pop. This is a late 3rd Generation web site, as advanced as the Mosaic Class web site. I'd post a picture of the Mosaic Class web site, but since you are already on one now reading this, there is little point posting a smaller image of a site which you are already on. I'd post one if it showed more. 36 Mosaic Class sites for Aurora PhotoArts, requirements and adjustments to that strategy are changing on a daily basis. We are now planning for about a third of that original number, with around 12 Mosaic Class sites built and deployed by the end of FY 2012, with an emphasis on larger and more effective web sites instead of more web sites. This will allow our web site content efforts to focus on fewer web sites while work on new 4th Generation sites proceeds, as well as the development of the next generation Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site class, a 4th Generation, PHP and Flash web site with advanced SES (Search Engine Superiority, which is enhanced SEO much more effective, and advanced, than the SES built into late 3rd Generation sites like the Mosaic Class sites), multimedia, total interactivity, user/session customization and survey feedback, client support, competition countermeasures, stealth technology (I know that this seems like it may conflict with SES, but it makes sense. I just can’t give out any details on how this will work - now, or later. It’s highly classified; just be happy that I was even able to acknowledge it at all. That’s right, though, as I will be working with stealth web sites, and the 4th Generation sites will often effectively blend SES and stealth optimization technology for appropriate objectives. This is all White Hat, by the way, which means completely legitimate, and no one else in the world will be making sites like these. I will have experimental 4th Generation web sites operating on the Internet in late 2012 which will be invisible to search engines, as they will be full stealth sites in every way, and there is a reason for this which I cannot fully disclose. Would you want competitors to see what you are working on as you develop new technologies, or to be able to track your latest work? Think about it), and social media capabilities built into the sites by default. This next generation, 4th Generation web site class, specifically designed for Aurora PhotoArts, is the new Aurora Class site, and it could be deployed and operational as early as 2014, replacing the Mosaic Class sites as a front line marketing and support site. In comparison, the current Mosaic Class site is a late 3rd Generation web site, which has been designed to be upgradable to 4th Generation standards, although the Mosaic Class site will never be as capable or as effective as a true 4th Generation site like the Aurora Class. Most of the details of the Aurora Class sites are classified, and advanced countermeasures built into 4th Generation sites to discourage reverse engineering by the competition will enable the sites to be extremely difficult to analyze and adapt to long after they are deployed and in use. Some of these countermeasures will use new web site stealth technology.
I will take a break in a few weeks once the first 3 Mosaic Class sites are completely online, and they achieve IOC (Initial Operational Capability), to spend about a month working on Tampa Bay Film and its new Revolution Class web site. After I am done with that, and I look at the data from the shakedown period of the initial 3 Mosaic Class sites, I will adjust the format on the original sites and then will proceed building and deploying the remaining sites. The remaining 9 or so Mosaic Class web sites will take just over 2 months to build and deploy, and all 12 or so Mosaic Class web sites will be at full operational capability, with SES achieved, by Spring 2013. Regardless, I expect all of the Mosaic Class web sites to be online, with at least IOC, by the end of 2012.
Aurora PhotoArts is now exiting a lengthy transition from specialized services to higher volumeAll of the work that I did on the shootout event format back in 2011 has revolutionized my photography services. By the way, some details of my shootout events will change soon. Oh, and I love this picture of model Ali Pruit, which I shot in August 2011. She is so pretty! services, with enhanced client support, higher quality, and expanded value. Formats and protocols developed for our photography shootout events (Tampa Shootouts), as well as our experience in photography events that we have successfully operated since 1998, have enhanced our service operations. In the past, Espy model testing sessions were limited to 5 models, six look modeling portfolio sessions were limited to 1 model, and talent headshot photography sessions were limited to 1 client. This will change this fall. Our new, advanced Espy model testing sessions are now balanced for up to 10 models, and will be conducted like a shootout event for clients. Our modeling portfolio photography sessions can now accommodate up to 4 models, and are more efficient than the old single client sessions. Our talent headshot photography sessions are now balanced and optimized for up to 6 clients, again, with more cost-effective, higher efficiency sessions for both our clients and our operations. These changes were accomplished after many years of experience and hard work, and we have increased our quality, client support, and overall value as a result. Service lines such as our Espy model testing program and our talent headshot photography sessions are also designed to be even more effective in a studio set up, and we have a studio in the works, although our early sessions will continue to be on location. Many details of these new operating packages are highly classified, with information released only on a need to know basis to genuine clients and personnel (effective immediately, we will no longer allow prospective clients to take unsigned agreements and support files with them, although they are free to study them in the presence of a representative of Aurora PhotoArts. They have to book a service to obtain these agreements; we will not allow our technology to get out into the wild, such as one of our 2004 vintage agreements which got out back in November of 2011, which wasn’t much of an issue because it was so old. Our new 2012 contracts, agreements, forms, and releases have enhanced, advanced security features built into them). These service lines are also optimized to thrive in tough economic environments, such as the one that we now work in.
On the subject of security, as of today, Aurora PhotoArts has created a new research and development division within the company which will develop classified, and the latest, operating, business, and marketing technologies. This department will be known as our Curtain Works, and our latest research and development projects will be conducted in secrecy by this department. The first Curtain Works project, of course, will be 4th Generation web site research and development, with the Aurora Class web site for Aurora PhotoArts being a priority. The results of the work done by Curtain Works will revolutionize the work that Aurora PhotoArts does, and is capable of, within the next 3 years, and Aurora PhotoArts will become a photography, design, and web design company vastly superior to any other in Florida. Our Aura line of business support technology will also be the domain of Curtain Works. I expect a lot of photographers, photography companies, and design firms throughout the world to be inspired by our work in the coming years, and to follow our lead and our innovation (really, I am proud of my work so far, and the quality of my work over the years, but what you see now is nothing compared to the revolution which is coming!). Aurora PhotoArts will be the greatest thing in the photography and design industry, especially here in Tampa Bay, with superiority over the competition in every way. The philosophy of Aurora PhotoArts, as is also true of my other companies, is that we do not merely run a business. We run the market. Aurora PhotoArts will continue to be the market leader, and will set standards that others will aspire to, although most others will not be able to do anything close to what we can do, even if they were aware of the full magnitude of what they were up against.
Need a hint? Remember the term “Writing Photography”. Ponder what it means. That is all that I can say for now, but that term will be one of the keys to our market dominance starting in 2014, or even as early as next year.


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