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Mosaic Class Deployment To Begin.

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

A New Era Begins This Week.

A lot will be accomplished, finished, and started this weekend. A new era is about to begin, an era where we will, eventually, own the photography and design market in Tampa Bay.
We are finalizing the image and graphic set templates, for the third (and final) time, this morning, for the armada of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites which will be used by Aurora PhotoArts.
We should have the first three Mosaic Class sites up and operational within a week, the first two being needed to support the start of other major operations (which are classified and will not be explained on any of our web sites), and you will see major changes and updates to this site, the first (and the main one), this weekend. Regarding those templates, with over 2,000 graphic and image files being produced from them this weekend from our “virtual” studio assembly line, and these files being shared among many Mosaic Class sites (at this time, we have 24 planned, which will ALL be online by 2014; the first 12 to 16 will be online by the end of 2013, and most of them will launch “hot” as fully operational Mosaic Class web sites, built before the marketing domain names are even purchased. Once deployment begins, we can build and deploy a fully operational Mosaic Class web site every week, without taking short cuts or compromising, and this is in addition to the work that we have to do with our other web site obligations; if we did not have other web site work, we could easily build and deploy as many as three Mosaic Class web sites a week!), the templates have to be perfect; one tiny mistake would be replicated over all of the sites, and it would be major work to fix any mistakes, which is the double edge of this sword; this is the main reason that development has been taking so long. On the flip side, however, once everything is set up, it makes it easy to mass produce everything, and things will go smoothly and quickly without compromise to quality. Such is the Aurora PhotoArts way: Lots of preparation and attention to detail, and efficient execution in a long term, ongoing, sustainable effort.
We have put a lot of development time and work into the Mosaic Class, and with as many sites as we have planned, these sites will be used for at least the next five years (until Fall 2018). Newer, more advanced 4th Generation web sites (the Mosaic Class sites are late 3rd Generation, which uses HTML, CSS, and JPEG files, but are designed to be upgraded to true 4th Generation sites in the future), which will be build with PHP, Flash files, multimedia support, social networking/ publishing/ feedback features, and are built on online databases, with more interactivity and flexibility, will be launched as additional sites, starting in 2014, until the existing Mosaic Class sites are phased out and replaced with new sites. This means that Aurora PhotoArts will utilize over 32 marketing and support web sites in the next few years, and it could be as many as 48 web sites. This does not even begin to include the 12 sites which will be needed for our second photography company (the name and the branding have been decided, but they are classified at the moment) and it supporting affiliates, which will not use Mosaic Class sites (the first 4th Generation sites would be used by this company).
We know that development of the Mosaic Class sites have been at least a year too long, beginning on March 10, 2011, with this prototype site online for Beta testing on May 6, 2012, (2 years, 4 months in total) but it will be worth it. The deployment of these sites, which are built using proven technology, will begin now. These sites will be our main workhorse for some time to come. A year from now, these sites will be everywhere, and unavoidable. This is great news for anyone looking for the best value in photography and design services in the Tampa Bay area. We do not expect our competition to be happy about all of these sites being used, but it won’t matter, because those others were never able to compete with us to begin with; the presence of all of our sites will mostly be salt for their wounds, and a reminder that we are the standard, and the leader, of our market. Hopefully, our market dominance will inspire others to make improvements to how they do business.
After the first three Mosaic Class sites are online and fully operational, we will be taking some time to work on our modeling, talent, industry, and business resource/ support web sites, which will be needed to support our short range and long term agendas. It will take a few months for that work to be completed, after which we will resume the construction and deployment of Mosaic Class web sites at the rate of one per week, bringing the fleet to a total of 12 (to as many as 16) by the end of 2013.
Although the other Mosaic Class web sites will not be updated nearly as much as this one will be, with few updates after they are launched, it makes sense because this is the main Aurora PhotoArts web site, and the “mother” site. It will be over ten times larger than the other Mosaic Class web sites, and updated almost daily. The other sites, which are specific to specialized target markets, will be updated as-needed. Due to security protocols in place, we will not link to those other sites, nor will we list what they are (But I will say that I have more than one headshot marketing site in the works, and there could be as many as six within a year).
Although this is the main Aurora PhotoArts web site, two others which are still online will be retained and updated. The last main Aurora PhotoArts web site, which has been online since February 3, 2008, and is currently using an outdated Venus Class web site, will be relaunched as a new Mosaic Class web site (I am very happy about this!). The first Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site, which uses the second Venus Class site (only two Venus Class web sites were ever built), under Passinault.Com and being over 12 years old, will also be relaunched as a new Mosaic Class web site (and these two do NOT factor into the 12 total due online at the end of this year, which is the official number, so although we will have 12 online at the end of 2013, the actual total will be 14 to 16 with the two additional Mosaic Class web sites which have been ordered to augment this one using old web sites and their directories). The Venus Class sites, which have done well, may be sold to clients in the future, providing we can work out the issues with the Venus 3 variant, which were replaced with the Mosaic Class web site design (the two existing Venus Class web sites use Venus 2 variants, which are improved over the original which came online on September 16, 2005; the Venus Class sites are almost eight years old).
Once the initial three Mosaic Class web sites are online, and an additional two Mosaic Class web sites are built and deployed to replace the current Venus Class web sites now online (and we are considering replacing the current Huey Class web site for “Tampa Headshots” with a new Mosaic Class web site in this same time frame, which, unlike the other two, would be factored into the 12 scheduled for this year. The Huey Class web site, a light variant of the Venus Class which is the last of three which were built, has done well, but it is severely outdated. If we can add the solutions that we work out for the Venus 3 variant of the Venus Class, there may be a Huey 2 variant of the Huey Class offered to our web site clients, just like the Venus 3 would be. We do not offer, or sell, front-line web sites like the Mosaic Class to our clients, and this is especially true of the upcoming, highly advanced 4th Generation web sites that we have in development, which are superior to the Mosaic Class sites in every way), we will take a break from the construction and deployment of Mosaic Class sites for about two months. During this time, we will evaluate the performance of the Mosaic Class sites online during a shakedown period while we work on our modeling, talent, industry, and support resource sites.
In 2018, when the Mosaic Class web sites are scheduled to be phased out and retired from front-line service, they will all be replaced with cutting-edge, extremely advanced Aurora Class 4th Generation marketing and support web sites.
Our two marketing domain names will be re routed to the new Mosaic Class sites in the next week, and one of those domains will be re routed, again, in August.
There is a lot more going on than just building and deploying Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites, however. A lot more. Support infrastructure for our business and our clients is unmatched. Most details of what we have are classified, but we have built up and optimized our business so that it will be very difficult to compete with us. Take Tampa Shootouts, for starters. Tampa Shootouts is even more important now that it was a year ago, and it will allow us to network and to work with experienced professional models who are not in the market for our model testing and modeling portfolio photography services. We can work conflicting markets without the conflict, and everyone benefits.
That’s all that can be revealed for now. Just think about it. I will say that, in the next three years, that I will be working with more models than all of the photographers in Tampa Bay (if not Florida), combined. There is also a secret shootout series called the Phantom Shootouts under my Tampa Shootouts business where I will be working with trusted professional models testing new equipment and developing new photography concepts. My work as a photographer will dramatically advance in the next few years, and my range as a photographer will increase a lot. I will be working toward becoming one of the best photographers in the world. For more, check out the Tampa Shootouts web site.
For now, too, this will be the last NEW blog post on here for a while. I will be adding content from my old dedicated domain blogs, which include the Tampa Photographer Blog, the Tampa Photography Blog, and the Tampa Designer Blog. These posts will be updated and added to a back-end archive, as if they were always here; retro publishing at its best! Links to these neo retro posts will be posted on the front page as they are added, as well as to the main blog menu once that is up and running.


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