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All content on this Aurora PhotoArts web site is copyrighted, which includes, but is not limited to, pictures, graphics, the Aurora PhotoArts logo (which is also a Service Mark), marketing slogans (also Service Marked), text, meta tags, the layout and design of the web site, and the technology present on this web site, which includes SEO and our SES (Search Engine Superiority) tactics.
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Watermarked images are watermarked for the protection of both ourselves, and our clients. All images and graphics on this web site are the property of Aurora PhotoArts. Unauthorized use of our images, which include re appropriation and theft, authorizes us to charge you a usage fee of $100,000.00 for each occurrence each image is used, and not only do you retain full criminal and civil liability, but you will also be billed for that usage. Billed usage does not waive Aurora PhotoArts of its rights, does not waive you of liability, and does not constitute permission, in any capacity, to use our intellectual property.
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If you are a competitor or an aspiring competitor, you are not permitted to view this web site, and must leave immediately, as well as clear your Internet cache in your browser. Any files present on any electronic or recording device by any party not licensed to view or use this web site, including files in web browser caches, are violations of our copyright, and may be used as evidence in legal action after we have law enforcement seize related assets for use as evidence.
This web site URL (domain name), and links to this web site, may not be shared or expressed without the express written permission of Aurora PhotoArts, as the URL is a service mark of Aurora PhotoArts, although sharing links from authorized users to other authorized users, as well as prospective clients, are permitted as long as those links cannot be viewed by any unauthorized party.

Access to any file in our support section, unless access is permitted under the terms and conditions of a binding service agreement, is considered to be an unlawful access of a computer or database, and it is a felony. We reserve the right to criminally prosecute, and seek a civil judgement against, any party guilty of, through either negligence or intent, unauthorized use of our support files. You MUST be a client of Aurora PhotoArts to use any of our support tools and content!


“Mosaic Class” is a trademark of Aurora PhotoArts. All rights reserved.
This Mosaic Class web site is the main marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts, specifically for the marketing branding of Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design, a brand of Aurora PhotoArts.
Mosaic Class web sites and their technology are the exclusive intellectual property of Aurora PhotoArts, which includes, but is not limited to, the layout and design, as well as the source code and META tags. Mosaic Class sites are not permitted to be studied, reverse engineered, or copied in any way. The Mosaic Class web site design is classified, and it is considered to be a trade secret! Access to the source code of Mosaic Class sites is DENIED, and such access,
BY ANY USER other than Aurora PhotoArts, is hereby defined as an unauthorized access to a computer, web site, or database, which is a FELONY. As Mosaic Class web sites are designed to be mass produced for the exclusive use of Aurora PhotoArts, they share image and graphics sets. Each site is custom built for their selected target market, however, and no content, other than the image and graphics sets and legal information, are copied and shared.
Although Mosaic Class sites look alike due to their shared layout and design, the sites are unique and are not duplicated. Each site has original content written exclusively for that web site, even in descriptions describing photographs which are featured on other Mosaic Class web sites, as will as similar sections.
All Mosaic Class sites are unique stand-alone web sites optimized for the marketing and support of their target market and secondary selected markets, as well as for Aurora PhotoArts. Features, sections, and menus are not consistent between sites, as there is no standard continuity.
Mosaic Class web sites are not interconnected on the Internet, and only rarely will one site link to another, if at all. Operating domain names of each site, although they can be observed by finding each site via search results for their target markets, are classified, and we will not disclose what those operating domain names are in one location, which includes published on web sites or on social media. All operating domain names are service marks, and the intellectual property, of Aurora PhotoArts.

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