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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

Work On Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design Marketing And Support Sites Underway.

After a few weeks of delays, work is proceeding on the new Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic ClassThe original Venus Class marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts, launched on September 16, 2005. This was one of the first 3rd generation web sites, and was the 5th Aurora PhotoArts web site. marketing and support web sites, of which there will be between 10 to 12 online and fully operational by the end of 2012, and there could be as many as 16 to 24 by the end of 2013. This web site is the very first Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support web site, and will be, by far, the largest of them. I am now finalizing the image and the graphics sets, which should take the rest of the week, and am uploading foundation infrastructure content which I have written. This web site is the core Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design Mosaic Class web site, and being the main site, it will be done first. I expect it to be fully operational next week, and when that happens, I can finally re route both of my principle marketing domain names, AuroraPhotoArts.Com (branding marketing domain) and The current, and last, Venus Class marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts, launched on July 31, 2007, under the TampaPhotographyDesign.Com operating domain name. This was the 6th  Aurora PhotoArts web site, and version 2.2 of the Venus Class. Compare this with the screen grab of the original above.TampaLooks.Com (marketing domain), from the old Aurora PhotoArts Venus Class site (which will remain online until at least 02/03/13 under its operating domain name, which was deployed for the second version of the Venus Class site on July 31, 2007, which would make the current Venus Class site almost five years old. The original Venus Class site was deployed under the Passinault.Com domain on September 16, 2005, making the general Venus Class site design almost seven years old; the current Venus Class site, under the operating domain name, is still working well, and it is currently the main work horse, with both marketing domain names linking to it at this moment; even when the marketing domains switch The current Mosaic Class site, which is the 7th marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts. I will change this to the operational version as soon as I get the site this web site, that old Venus Class site will still be operational and working as a marketing site until at least 2013! Aurora PhotoArts, and our web sites, have a lot of history, as this new Mosaic Class site is the 7th main Aurora PhotoArts web site. We are going to have to put a historical database on this site, for sure!) to this new Mosaic Class site. With the image and graphics sets done, assembling and deploying additional web sites can be done within days, for each site. I will be building and deploying two more Mosaic Class web sites by the end of next week, the site for the Espy model testing program, and my new main headshot photography marketing and support web site. More are on the way, and I will be working on these web sites constantly this summer.
On the subject of headshot photography marketing and support sites, I have several in the works, and we could be looking at as many as six of them online by the end of 2012, with each web site targeting a specific market in the Tampa Bay headshot photography market. These web sites will be marketing annex web sites for this web site, and the main headshot photography marketing and support site (annex web site may not necessarily be Mosaic Class web sites, either).
Due to some issues with aspiring competitors attempting to copy us and/ or interfere with our I took this photography of model Ali Pruitt back in August 2011. She is a really cool girl, and an amazing model. I also did the design work for this event poster. In the near future, I will be well-known for producing the best modeling photography events in the Tampa Bay area, and I have big plans for Tampa Shootouts!marketing efforts, we will not be specific about our web site work, and most of the domain names are classified (they will just have to get mad when the web sites start coming up on search results in the coming months and years; recent tests indicate that I can get any domain name to the top of relevant results within 6 months from launch, and usually in as little as 3; this is why I do not have a problem discarding old domain names and starting over with new ones, and I can even rotate them with a constant barrage of new web sites if I need to, although I will also be focusing a lot of work on my main ones, and I will not get rid of those. A year from now, we are going to have a lot of very angry, frustrated photographers in the Tampa Bay market, because I will keep buying new domain names, writing content, adding pictures, and deploying new web sites for as long as I have to). For security purposes, as well as SEO purposes, none of our sites will link to each other (online ads will only link to a few main marketing sites, and speaking of online ads, I have a brand new ad technology which will be ready to go in another week or two, which has never been done before, and I am sure that it will be copied by the competition, as I always seem to have the best ideas and concepts in this industry. My last ad technology, which I designed and deployed back in 2007, WAS stolen by at least one Tampa Bay photographer in 2008, and I have proof of this. I am really sick and tired of unethical and dishonest people in my market who cannot compete with me and have to resort to such tactics. Of course, they still cannot compete with me, and they fail to get my concepts to work like I can get them to work because the the concepts were not theirs to begin with, and they cannot comprehend the underlying mechanics of how they work and how to get them to work). I will no longer telegraph what I am doing. If our aspiring competition wishes to monitor what we are doing they will have to take a lot of time and a lot of work, because we are not going to make it easy on them by listing our web sites. There are going to be a lot of web sites, too!
Here I am with one of my best friends, model and performer Ann Poonkasem, during an event in 2006.I have 10 main Mosaic Class marketing and support sites in the works for Aurora PhotoArts (06/29/12 - I will be buying 5 new operating domain names in early August 2012, specifically for Aurora PhotoArts, as I just put them in que to be purchased, and it will take me about 5 weeks to build and deploy all of them as fully operational Mosaic Class web sites, with a week of work allocated for each one. Those 5 domain names are currently highly classified, and no one knows what they will be but me, right now. I should have a total of 8 Mosaic Class web sites online and operational by September 2012, and of those, 5 of them do not even exist today, at the time of this writing. Once August hits and I invest in those domains, it won't really matter if anyone knows what domain names that I own, although I still will not list them publicly. By late summer, people will be noticing some of them showing up high in search results. By the end of the year, I will have search engine superiority for my target markets, and it will be game over for the competition. Merry Christmas! Oh, and while that is going on, I will be building and deploying even more new web sites, while updating the existing ones regularly. By next spring, 2013, online searches for my target markets will be a nightmare for the competition, as many of them lose so much market share that their businesses will literally collapse. They will reap what they have sown. Sit back and watch it happen, as the sleeping giant is now fully awake). One of those is our main headshot photography and design site, and unlike our other main sites, there will be several headshot photography and design marketing sites supporting that one, with each targeting a specific market. I have 8 support sites, too, which include Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops. I also have 7 web sites in the works for my second photography company, which will service high-risk markets. By 2013, this means that I will have built and deployed at least 10 Mosaic Class main marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts, 5 annex marketing web sites for headshot marketing, 8 support sites (2 of those which are already built and are fully operational, although they have to be redone), and 7 marketing and support web sites for my second photography company. That makes 30 web sites.
Although I only plan on making 10 of those sites late 3rd generation Mosaic Class web sites, I may build and deploy and additional 8 of those sites in 2013, which would bring the network of photography and design marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts to 31 web sites, and the total for my second photography company to 7, for a grand total of 38 web sites.
I’ve been having issues with aspiring competitors spamming search engines, using unethical tactics, and doing other things to interfere with my online marketing since 2008. I’ve been quietly coming up with solutions and waiting until now, which is a span of four years (why I waited, I won’t say, but let’s just say that there was a reason). A few weeks ago, some of my sites were penalized in search results because they linked to each other (and, before, this began happening to my dedicated domain blogs in late 2010 because the content was not organized. Most of those Three of my models taking a break during a shoot back on September 9, 2001. The model sitting down with the camera has my original 35MM film SLR, which I turned pro on a year before. I took this with one of my first digital cameras. This was a fun day!blogs are now history. Regardless, my sites being penalized for either reason was not fair, as these sites are all full of relevant content, and were not doing anything wrong; I suspect that some out there were doing negative SEO on my sites over technicalities because they are simply afraid of competing with me. I really do not care if my sites are the top result for any search. I only want to be seen along with the “competition”, if you could call them that, and allow our target market to choose. I’m not afraid of competing with anyone, as my work is good, and it is worth it for my clients. This said, others trying to censor me just pisses me off and makes me more determined, and they made it worse for themselves, because this time, there will not be a single thing that anyone can do about it when I build and deploy web site after web site, each filled with great, organized content which is relevant to the target market. I will be seen, and heard, and this shady nonsense with people trying unethical tactics to undermine my efforts to market will stop. I do not do this to my competition, as I play fair, and I will now force them to A model named Nicole and I on a break during a shoot in Ybor back in 2002. One advantage that I have in this business is that models like me a lot, I earn their trust, and many of them become friends with me. I am one of the good guys in this business, and of the good guys, I'm one of the fair, as well, although experience has shown me that these people cannot compete with me in any way). I will not make these mistakes again, and am now using all of my experience and knowledge in a renewed, prolonged, all-out effort. I am now aggressively addressing these issues, and a fleet of advanced marketing and support sites will dominate by the end of 2012. Some of those sites do not even exist yet, but they are in the works.
To quote someone famous, I have not yet begun to fight, as I have not even tried to address this in the past four years (other than building and deploying a Tampa Headshots site which did very well for several years despite not being updated after it was built and launched. That was nothing. Things are about to get interesting, and those who tried to undermine me are going to regret it within a few short months, as I am now fighting). I’ve been playing around with this, to be honest. Things are now in high gear, and I’m not stopping. Some of these people are going to be stunned by what is going to happen, and they are going to lose even more market share when I get up to speed. Hey, they brought it upon themselves.




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