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Work On Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design Marketing And Support Sites Underway. - Fewer Web Sites. Mosaic Class Work. Curtain Works.

Thursday, July 5, 2012 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design Blog Post by Chris Passinault

Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class Site Progress. Second Photography Company Branding Finalized. Video Shooting. Indie Filmmaking. Tampa Bay Film work. Swimsuit Modeling Fashion Show.

I’m now finishing up content on this main Aurora PhotoArts photography and design marketingCould this have something to do with my new second photography company? You'll find out! Allure, hoever, is NOT the brand name! and support site, and am now working on image and graphics sets. I have decided to make the thumbnail array subdued so that it is not too distracting, but make it obvious if you were to look at it that you have to mouse-over and click a thumbnail to view the picture associated with it (and the mouse-over effect would also reveal the full color thumbnail in addition to the mouse-over version of the thumbnail). Also, taking a lesson that I learned from one of my other sites, the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival (which will be moving back to the new upcoming Tampa Bay Film site), the main thumbnail array will be a featured picture array, with numbered thumbnails, target html array, and links to even more information on the permanent portfolio html page which the picture has. This will enable me to use the thumbnail array to feature my latest work, and easily swap out pictures (I would only have to upload 5 files in total to change out a thumbnail and the associated target page instead of refreshing the entire site and hundreds, and eventually thousands, of files to change out a thumbnail in the thumbnail array). This featured picture thumbnail array will be separate from my main online portfolio cores, as the featured portfolio would be limited to 40 pictures, although each of those pictures would link to the relevant, associated pictures profiles in the main portfolio cores. Although this site is expected to be operational next week, at which time I will re route AuroraPhotoArts.Com and TampaLooks.Com to it, the main portfolio cores will not be added until later, and the 40 shot featured portfolio core will have to carry the site for a while while I test out some new design features, such as the new subdued, ambient thumbnail concept.
I attended a swimsuit modeling fashion show on Saturday, June 30, 2012 with model / Model and choreographer Melissa Maxim back in 2002choreographer Melissa Maxim at my side, where we hung out with model Ann Poonkasem, who is one of my best friends. The modeling fashion show was in Safety Harbor. Ann MC’ed the event, sang, and did her usual awesome job. Although I did not take any photographs at the event, I did manage to obtain a lot of excellent video footage (I’ll add a video section to this site and will upload the videos in a few days so that you can see the footage). I used the same Canon FS 200 SD digital video camera that I will be using to make my first short independent films, so the footage of the runway show is not high definition, and the camera had a few issues with the low lighting at the event, but I do think that the footage that I captured is better than what the professional HD camera that they had mounted on a tripod at the front of the stage would have captured, especially with the limited panning that they could do and models walking directly into the focal plane of the camera. I shot from the side and from a 3/4 angle at the north west corner of the head of the runway, so my camera did not have to change focus that much, which was a good thing because the auto focus was choking on the low light and I had to lock it on manual focus. Also, I have to say that panning with the walking models from the side, shooting with tight composition from the upper legs to the top of the head, gave me some awesome results. I also have to say that shooting video of the event gave me some revolutionary ideas for my own upcoming modeling runway events, which my second photography company and its associated companies will be doing, and that concept was the use of static cameras. I’ll explain more about this is a few years, when I’m actually producing these events, and the use of such video camera will be obvious from the video playing on the marketing and support sites for those events.
When I invest in some professional HD video cameras and relevant lighting, I will have to addModel Ann Poonkasem, photographed in September 2011. video services back to the portfolio of what Aurora PhotoArts offers. Video is my next boom, comparable to the boom that I have with web site development which started back in 1998, and video will be incorporated in literally everything that I do, as will coverage of my projects. By default, I will have the capability to make independent films, and I will be making indie films- I will be make far more independent films than any other filmmaker in the Tampa Bay area, for sure. Even without the filmmaking, though, I will have so many projects going on that require video support, that I will be shooting and editing video daily, again, far more than not only every indie filmmaker in the Tampa Bay area, but I would say all of them combined. As of now, too, ALL of my photography sessions require that video also be shot, although if the client, or the majority of clients involved, do not want video shot, then that would be the only case where I would not shoot video. So far, none of them have had a problem with me shooting video, since I invested in the FS 200 last fall for the modeling photography shootout events and the short indie film projects. At any rate, I will certainly need to invest in more hard drives to store all of this footage, and will be organizing that footage for easy reference.
The amount of video that I will be shooting, and the amount of independent films that I will be making, will require, by default, a lot of support and updates for the Tampa Bay Film sites. Right now, I am re organizing Tampa Bay Film and its affiliated sites, and will be re launching a brand new Tampa Bay Film site later this month.
The image and graphic sets of this new Mosaic Class site, the main one for Aurora PhotoArts,This is Diana, my muse for whom the Diana Class sites were named. This was taken with a 35MM SLR film camera back in 2000. She was beautiful, smart, and talented. should be done by this weekend. I will also be designing new marketing material this weekend, and will also launch the second and the third Mosaic Class sites in the next two weeks. These two new sites will also be Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support sites, set up for specific markets, and will not be interconnected with this site or with each other. The two new sites will also be smaller than this one, although with this site being the main one, it being at least ten times larger than any of the others is to be expected, especially with this blog and other heavily updated features built into it.
Once the initial three Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support sites are online this month, I will take a break for a few weeks to work on other things. I will be launching a brand new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film site later this month, which has a new indie film blog and a new online film festival built into it. I will also be working on Frontier Pop, and Tampa Film Revolution, which use Pioneer Class sites (The Pioneer Class site, first used with Frontier Pop, has been incredibly successful, especially with SEO and search engine domination. The upcoming Advanced Model site will also a brand new Pioneer Class site, as will the new Frontier Society web site). Not this weekend, but next, I will be finishing up the all-new service agreements for Aurora PhotoArts, as well as other support documents such as releases. In August, I will be working on an additional 5 new Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support sites, and this work will be done by September 2012. I also need to design a new class of site to follow up the old Diana Class sites, and these will be used for my Passinault.Com/ Pasinault LLC/ Passinault Entertainment Group, Dream Nine Studios (my indie film, video game development, and music label production company), Frontier Event Planning, and Frontier Stage Productions sites (with all of these different web site design classifications, my online portfolio for web site design work here on this main Aurora PhotoArts site is going to be huge!).
Of course, all of this work will be done as I am booking and working photography sessions during the day. I will be doing photography sessions several times a week, and in a few months will be investing in all-new photography, lighting, props, support gear, video, and other equipment (even better than Jonathan’s, although I can easily out shoot him with a basic camera with nothing but natural light, or even with a simple consumer camera like a Nikon L10, and that photographer is over-rated, and he is proof that good equipment does not make a good photographer. I also book more work that he does, and have been doing this for much longer, and he knows this). I will also be investing in my new Aurora PhotoArts uniforms, which will have the new logo embroidered on the shirts. I’ve been working on those uniforms for several years now. Also, by this fall, I will finally begin having regular modeling photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay area.
Then we have my second photography company, which is coming along nicely.I will be doing more event photography in the future, too. For this shot, I used a consumer-grade Nikon L10, the only camera that I had on me. Most photographers using professional gear cannot get shots like this.
I’ve been working on a second photography company, which will focus on modeling photography and high-risk photography markets, since 2005. On June 29, 2012, the day before I went to the fashion show, I finalized the branding and made it official. The past few days, I’ve been working on cross-branding, support web site operating domains, and on an advanced business and marketing strategy. That is now done. This new company will absolutely dominate all of its target markets, and in doing so will force new standards in the Tampa Bay photography services, fashion, and modeling event markets!
Although the name branding of the second photography company is now official, it is still classified, and it is too early to reveal it (I will say, though, that the logo is going to be a huge challenge to create, and it needs to be done right because it will be literally all over the place and on everything. It will even be the large design printed onto the main runway of my upcoming modeling runway events. I’ve designed the logo, but it is going to take a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be). With new photography equipment and support gear such as lighting, I will begin working on a portfolio to support the marketing of the second photography company this fall (and my shootout events, the high-risk ones, will be important for this, as it will enable me to create a huge portfolio with dozens of models within months). Swimsuit, fashion, glamour, boudoir, and pin-up photographers need to be concerned about this, because I am going after their markets with this second company, and the company organization, marketing, and support will even be superior to what I am using with Aurora PhotoArts. Of course, with all of this work that I am doing with Aurora PhotoArts, it is not going anywhere. Aurora PhotoArts will expand, and will be even more important, supporting the second company in ways that I cannot reveal online. Although the second company will be much larger and more sophisticated than Aurora Ooooh... Fashion photography using a 35MM film SLR camera back in the day, and with natural light! My second photography company will focus on fashion far more than Aurora PhotoArts will. There WILL be some overlap in service markets, however. This picture was taken by me back in 2001, before most other photographers in this market even thought of becoming a photographer.PhotoArts, Aurora PhotoArts will still be huge and a primary company, and will service modeling portfolio, headshot, and consumer markets, as well as more cost-effective/ high-value, and familiy-friendly photography services. Aurora PhotoArts will also be handling all of my design, web design, video, and other work along those lines. The second photography company will offer more aggressive services, especially to experienced professional models and swimsuit models. It is also just one facet of a huge composite company, which will offer everything from fashion and swimsuit fashion lines, to the most advanced modeling events, fashion events, and modeling runway shows ever done in the Tampa Bay market. As a matter of fact, the runway modeling events that I just designed, of which the fine details are already finalized, are so far ahead of anything done in the modeling and fashion industry, that they will even give the major runway events in the main markets, such as New York and Paris, a run for their money, if not teach them some new concepts along the way. All of this, too, here in the Tampa Bay area, and on a Tampa Bay budget. I’d say more, but my runway shows, which will be produced by my Frontier Stage Productions company, are highly classified.
My second photography company will begin operations in 2013, with full operational capability, which includes modeling events, by 2014.
That is it for now. I hope that I gave everyone something to think about, especially the people who have, over the past year, given me reason to ban them from attending my events. They did not play anyone but themselves.




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