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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design - News - 051215: Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site.



PREVIOUS: Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market. -

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design News

Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site.

There are rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured, and many of those are also rumored to be used for the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts. Mass production of the fleet is expected to begin by the end of the month, and the start of that will be indicated by this first Mosaic Class site becoming fully operational, although new technology such as stealth technology, which is selectively applied to and engineered into the production versions of the Mosaic Class sites, other technology, and some of the latest tactics will not be used on this site, as it will be purposely limited to technology which is several years old, or last generation. The production versions of the Mosaic Class site, however, are much more advanced than this one, although they look identical. The existing Venus Class and Huey Class sites (our Tampa Headshots marketing site uses a Huey Class site) will all be replaced by Mosaic Class sites, although those particular Mosaic Class sites will be adjusted and extra security will be employed to protect the integrity, the security, and the stealth profiles of the fleet because those existing sites are well known, and some may be tempted to study the Mosaic Class sites deployed at those known, old operating domain names (We may even use those sites in other ways); much of the advanced technology will be omitted from those new/old sites, and we may limit what is on them to 2012 technology; the Mosaic Class sites deployed on known operating domain names will be “hardened” to be resistant to being studied and reverse engineered, as we do not want any technology or tactics revealed which would compromise the bulk of the fleet (each site is different, anyway, so the study of one or more sites would not compromise the others. That is how we engineered them).
That said, the “hardened”, or “secure”, versions of the Mosaic Class sites limited to last gen technology and tactics will still prove to be extremely effective, and tough to compete with in every way, even if they are nowhere near as effective as the production versions of the Mosaic Class sites using the latest technology and tactics.
The exact number of sites in the fleet and the specific target markets of each site are classified, and the sites will not be listed in their entirety anywhere, nor will they be linked to from most of our sites; the sites will be highly effective in marketing to their target markets, as well as highly resistant to being detected and tracked by anyone trying to find them specifically. Unconfirmed reports indicate that there will be “more than 32" Mosaic Class web sites in the fleet, and at least one opponent in the market will be outgunned “20 to 1".
The Mosaic Class sites are engineered to be highly effective on their own as cutting-edge marketing and support sites, and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to compete against one Mosaic Class site, let alone large numbers of them.
“Cutting edge and advanced, yes, that is true.” Passinault commented, “But the Mosaic Class is also engineered to be inexpensively mass produced, and fleet maintenance is also extremely cost-effective; each site can be quickly updated, and we have over $5,000.00 budgeted to support the fleet over the next 10 years. These site are advanced and effective on a 1 to 1 ratio with their competition, being extremely difficult to compete with 1 on 1, but they are also going to be deployed in large numbers, to the point that, while no site will be neglected, that the sites could be viewed as expendable. We would lose as many as 50% of the fleet and still dominate, although that is unlikely as it is improbable that anyone will be able to find them all and do anything about it, and because the sites are engineered to be highly resistant to being unfairly penalized and shot down, as they should not be penalized at all, since they are relevant and legitimate. This is our answer to the SEO 2008 issue that we have been biding our time on and waiting for the time to finally address it, and anyone trying to compete with us online will be in for a world of hurt by 2016, as the fleet of Mosaic Class sites may prove to be impossible to compete with”.
Additional rumors persist of late 3rd Generation web sites such as the Mosaic Class employing advanced marketing tactics, such as the rumored “Projection” technology, although such technologies, if they do indeed exist, are extremely classified and remain unconfirmed. These technologies could utilize “shifting” tactics which are both integrated with the web sites as well as completely independent of them, a contradiction in perception only to ignorant eyes. A source has indicated that technologies such as the Projection technology are truly revolutionary in nature, and that they are indeed game changers that would give web sites which use such technology an advantage which has been described as “unfair”, as well as being highly resistant to being penalized because they are legitimate technologies. Such technologies would serve to supercharge the web sites that they were integrated with.
Production of the fleet of Mosaic Class sites is scheduled for this Summer, and the fleet will be up and operational by September. There are rumors that each site will launch with at least 40 pages of content over a large site of at least integrated and highly optimized 100 web pages, and that once the fleet is up, there will be around 2,000 pages of content spread out across the armada of web sites, each site marketing and supporting Aurora PhotoArts. Although the Mosaic class sites will look the same, they won’t be, and each site will have unique content and files, as well as directory configurations. This will make the sites extremely difficult to get “shot down” by being unfairly penalized, if they can be located and tracked to begin with, and with the “expendable” nature of the extremely cost-effective and efficient sites, any losses will be quickly countered with replacement web sites, with the fabrication and the deployment time on a new, fully operational Mosaic Class web site rumored to be as little as two days, and resources have been allocated which makes the constant replacement of unfairly penalized web sites that have been “shot down” sustainable and cost-effective, the only downside to this process being that more domain names are consumed and discarded, once they are poisoned and worthless, in the process; such a thing would lead to good domain names being an endangered thing, and would not be good for anyone trying to market as the earth is scorched.
On the subject of domain names, it is rumored that Aurora PhotoArts and its second photography company now own all of the best, as well as most relevant, domain names for the marketing of photography in the Tampa Bay area, as well as their alternates, not counting the 2% taken by unethical, unqualified profiteers trying to compete with us; whom are only trying to cash in on a market which we proved over 14 years ago is worthwhile and viable. They are now severely outnumbered, and anyone doubting this claim is free to check for themselves. Of course, this is great for the market, as the only company that they need is us and our sister photography company.
Passinault has stated that he will be upgrading his network of existing talent resource sites, too, to augment the fleet of Mosaic Class sites, although to preserve the stealth characteristics of the Mosaic Class sites he will be marketing services directly from the talent resource sites themselves, with links going out only to the most publically known Mosaic Class sites. This will leave most of the fleet undetected in the shadows, but still highly effective for their optimized combination of search terms and related terms; anyone able to find all of the sites should seriously consider playing the lottery. There will be a lot of overlap marketing between the individual Mosaic Class sites in the fleet and on the talent resource sites, with none of the sites linking to each other; redundant, but different, as well as unique.
In 2016, a new generation of talent resource sites will be built specifically for the Tampa Bay market and deployed, which have been in development now for two years, as well as a new type of talent resource site, consisting of many sites, addressing issues in the market. The new talent resource sites will be engineered to market and sell Aurora PhotoArts services, as well as the services and products of our sister companies, directly from the sites.
In related news, the successor to the Mosaic Class, a 4th Generation web site known as the Aurora Class, is in development, as are two other 4th Generation sites, the Destiny Class and the Centurion Class. The 4th Generation site will be built using web technology such as PHP, Flash, and multimedia, and would be fully dynamic and interactive in comparison to the static nature of 3rd Generation sites (Passinault has indicated that multimedia would be important in the future, as his investments into independent film will lead to, by default, an explosion of video and editorial content, and, although other photographers and photography companies are also doing work in video, that no one would approach the level of video work that he would be doing, especially in the volume and range of content; even next generation talent resource sites, all of which are currently owned by Passinault, will use a lot of video. Passinault will also be investing in professional DV cameras instead of repurposing DSLR’s for the task like others seem to do and keep the video and the still photography separate using separate, optimized tools. Likewise, his work in video game development would also enhance the interactive content of 4th Generation web sites). Although the fleet of Mosaic Class sites have an expected operational life of 10 years and is not expected to be replaced until 2025, the first Aurora Class sites, which will augment the Mosaic Class fleet, as well as replace the primary Aurora PhotoArts web sites using Mosaic Class sites, are expected to be built and deployed as early as 2017, as full development will be underway once the fleet of Mosaic Class sites is fully operational in the Fall of 2015. To ensure that the Mosaic Class sites will not be obsolete or outdated anytime soon, too, keep in mind that they were designed to be easily upgraded to 4th Generation web sites, and that the production versions of the Mosaic Class will be using the latest technology and tactics from 2015, while some of the original Mosaic Class dates back to 2011/ 2012, despite them looking alike. The Mosaic Class will be the workhorse of the fleet for a long, long time, and they will literally be everywhere and impossible to ignore.
Recently, within the past few weeks, a new web site class derived from the Mosaic Class design was developed, a 2015 design rumored to be even more effective than the Mosaic Class in the computer-optimized version. This is the Collage Class, and it will be deployed for a smaller fleet for another purpose. The main version of the Collage Class is optimized for smart phones and tablet computers, as well as regular computers.
Also, a Spectacle Class stealth site will be built and deployed this month. The site, its operating domain name, and its purpose are classified, although we can say that it will be used for Aurora PhotoArts and that it is optimized for smart phones and tablets. This web site is designed to be completely undetectable by search engines, but in a way which is 100% legitimate, so that it cannot be penalized, although that is not an issue since the search engines won’t be aware of it to begin with. This is in contrast to the Mosaic Class sites, which use stealth technology for some aspects of the site to shape and sculpt search results and to fine turn performance and visibility; Mosaic Class web sites are web sites with stealth technology strategically applied to them, but are not full stealth web sites, which would destroy their SEO entirely and render them useless. Mosaic Class web site use an enhanced form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) called SES (Search Engine Superiority), of which the strategic application of web site stealth technology is only one facet of an integrated, enhanced SEO strategy using refined technology and tactics which are literally attention to every detail. Next generation enhanced SEO in development, primarily for 4th Generation, dynamic web sites, but which can be applied to current late 3rd Generation, static web sites, would be SED, or Search Engine Domination, which is much more effective and specific than the SED currently engineered and integrated into the fleet of Mosaic Class sites, which are designed to be easily upgradable to 4th Generation technology, and, eventually, SED technology. That’s the future, however, a future where the Mosaic Class would have a difficult time competing with advanced 4th Generation web sites such as the Aurora Class, although some of us have our doubts because we think that the Mosaic Class was engineered quite well, and that time will prove that it has legs, or endurance.
Attention to detail, refinement, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and sustainability is the name of the game.
Our online marketing agenda is all-out, and we are not pulling any punches. We are serious about this.

PREVIOUS: Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market. -


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