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Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design - News - 051414: Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market.



PREVIOUS: Legacy Venus Class site updated. Mosaic site work. Archive library coming. - NEXT: Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - Tampa Bay Photography and Design News

Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market.

C. A. Passinault today ordered full scale construction and deployment of over 16 Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts for the rest of 2014, and an initial fleet of at least 16 should be online and fully operational by the end of the year to fully engage the Tampa Bay market by 2015, in overwhelming and effective force. All operating domain names for the fleet are classified, and will not be disclosed online unless absolutely necessary, and then, to minimize risk, only for the specific web site that it is for and on that web site. These domain names have already been selected, and all Mosaic Class web sites will be launched on day-one, upon minutes of investing in the assigned relevant domain name, as fully operational web sites using the latest SES (Search Engine Superiority) technology, the strategic application of stealth technology to sculpt specified and desirable search engine result dynamics, dozens of pages of optimized and organized content, and tried-and-effective late 3rd Generation web site technologies. The content, too, will be specifically engineered to be most relevant for our target market, and to minimize risks when it comes to inadvertently assisting those who wish to compete with us, as we are not in business to train competitors. We are in business to give clients what they need, and to give them the same advantage over their competition as we earn, and enjoy, over ours.
Final details are being dialed-in for mass production, and the image and graphics sets will be ready within days. Mass production and deployment of the fleet is scheduled to begin next week, and the schedule supports a production rate of at least one Mosaic Class web site per week, with between 30 to 50 pages of content in each initial site organized and indexed across a web site of at least 60 to 100 web pages, and each web site regular updated and expanded over time.
Production versions of the Mosaic Class web site will be a little different than this one, at least under the hood, even though they will look the same (and, of course, each site will have completely original and relevant content, which will certainly undermine the plans of anyone claiming that we are spamming search engines with the same site, which will not be the case at all. Each site may look the same, but will be completely different, optimized for and relevant to the specified target market. There is nothing wrong with owning more than one web site, and we can’t be penalized for being smarter and more ambitious, as well as experienced, than the “competition”, as well as being a superior value to the market and the most relevant search result for what professionals are looking for). This site, being the main one, and the one used for Beta testing, will be less advanced that the others, although it will be much larger. The others will have a refined, production-optimized design, and will use technologies such as stealth technology to enhance their search engine performance (to clarify, stealth technology, which we cannot go into specific detail about because it is classified, is not black hat and does not use unethical SEO tactics such as cloaking or misdirection in relation to content. Stealth technology is completely ethical, and it merely makes the site, or parts of the site, more difficult to detect and index. An SES optimized web site which uses stealth technology uses it conservatively to sculpt specific search result envelopes. A web site which is completely stealth, which the Mosaic Class sites will never be, is extremely difficult to find to begin with, and would not even be considered to be a site with good SEO; there is a reason for these sites, too. Analysis of any of these sites will reveal that they are 100% legitimate, to the point that they can be rebuilt and redeployed as top ranking web sites in the future if we decided to, because there would be no penalties on the operating domain. Besides, how can you be aware of a site and penalize it to begin with if you can’t see it?) and ease of use for the relevant target market.
In a word, the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will be, to our “competition” (which, frankly, in our observation and opinion, we do not have, although plenty out there aspire and try to compete with us), a nightmare, as we will achieve and maintain complete and absolute dominance on the Internet, pretty much like we have enjoyed for much of the past decade, except at a much larger and stronger scale. Even with social media, which we will also aggressively work, they do not stand a chance in competing with us even if we handicapped ourselves by avoiding social media altogether.
Immediately upon full production and deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites, which will be our main workhorse for many years to come (despite the over three years of development and earlier posts about the life span of the Mosaic Class sites, the sites have not aged, and still have a 10 year projected useful life span. Mosaic Class sites, despite their 2011 origins where they were far ahead of their time even then, are no where near obsolete as they are deployed now, especially with the latest innovations and technologies being used; we would not build and deploy so many web sites if the design was dated or ineffective in any capacity!), development of the advanced 4th Generation successor, the Aurora Class, will go into high gear. Development of the Aurora Class will take a great deal of time and work, however, because experimental sites of other design classes have to be rapid-prototyped, built, deployed, and tested, first, as the next-generation of web sites will be using technology which is new to our team). A true 4th Generation web site with technology of other 4th Generation web sites such as the upcoming Destiny Class (to replace the 3rd Generation Diana Class used by Passinault.Com and the now-defunct Dream Nine Studios; there will be a late 3rd Generation web site design class to replace this sites between the Diana Class and the Destiny Class, however, as we cannot wait for the Destiny Class at this time), Centurion Class (Optimized for talent resource sites, to replace the Raptor Class currently used by Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Modeling, and their sister sites), and the Theodora Class (also optimized for talent resource sites, and would possibly replace the Athena Class used by Independent Modeling and its sister sites), the technology of Aurora Class sites will use flash, PHP, multimedia, user profiles, and other exciting innovations to make them fully dynamic web sites with conforming and adaptable formats specific to the user, and will be much more effective than static HTML/ CSS web sites such as the late 3rd Generation Mosaic Class, although it needs to be noted that the Mosaic Class web site design, like all late 3rd Generation web sites, are designed from the ground-up to be upgraded to 4th Generation standards and technology in the future, with the existing content ported to the upgraded site formats. 4th Generation sites will be tested starting in late 2015, and the first Aurora Class may be built and deployed as early as 2016, although these advanced sites will augment, rather than replace, the fleet of existing Mosaic Class web sites, at least for the first several years, as the Mosaic Class web sites may be used as front-line web sites, with 4th Generation upgrades, until up to 2024. If the Aurora Class site is operational by 2016, it would be 2017, at the earliest, before one would be used as our new main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, and the transition to the new Aurora Class site could take as many as between 5 to 7 years at that point. This, of course, is subject to change at any time, and without warning or notice, although it has been decided that the new Aurora Class site which would be used as the next main marketing and support site for Aurora PhotoArts will use a brand new operating domain name, so this site will not be going anywhere after the transition, and would continue to be maintained, although the AuroraPhotoArts.Com and TampaLooks.Com marketing domain names, as well as others at that time, would connect to the new site.
Regardless, all of these web sites will be extremely tough to compete with, and will be impossible to ignore, as well as being highly resistant to being unfairly penalized or reverse-engineered; We have invested years of hard work into making sure of that. Because of our experience, too, we can be fairly certain of our accuracy concerning predicted SEO performance and user accessibility, as well as avoiding some mistakes that have been made in the past.
Older 3rd Generation web site designs, such as the Venus Class, which has been the workhorse of Aurora PhotoArts since September 16, 2005, will be upgraded as late 3rd Generation sites in the form of the Venus 3, which will be developed as a web site which can be marketed to second and third parties.
There is more, too. The Mosaic Class web site, despite its over three year development cycle and its refinement, is not optimized for at least one use, and that would be smart phones. Our development team has rapid-prototyped a brand new, fully stealth web site specifically for cell phones. The development time has been a few short months instead of the years needed for the Mosaic Class site, and is achievable because the site does not have to be mass produced, nor is it designed to be. The first of these operational stealth web sites, the Misty Class, which began development in the Spring of 2014, will be built and deployed this month. The Misty Class is designed to show pictures, period, easily and intuitively, via smart phone or a web browser, and will be virtually, and possibly literally, invisible to search engines. Even the operating domain name, which is highly classified, is encrypted. How and why this web site works the way that it does is also a secret, although there is a good reason for it which we refuse to go into.
In other news, work on Aurora PhotoArts’ professional photography association (PPA) for the Tampa Bay market is well-along, and advanced, with most of the details and format finalized last year. Although we retain the rights to the name “Tampa Bay Photography Society”, keep in mind that the marketing name is tentative right now, and may change before the organization becomes operational in 2015. Regardless of its final name, our professional photography association will be the best professional support and networking organization for professional photographers in our market, as we have some cool and effective things in the works which no one else can match or approach. More news will be announced soon!

PREVIOUS: Legacy Venus Class site updated. Mosaic site work. Archive library coming. - NEXT: Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site.


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