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NEWS 01/07/230248 - Updated for 2023. - UPDATED 01/07/23/0248

NEWS 08/05/16/0420 - Pioneering Photography Processes in secret Development Program. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420

BLOG POST 08/05/16/0420 - Project Paveway paves the way for fleet of marketing and support web sites. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420

QUICK UPDATE 08/03/16/0404 - Some delays, but getting underway. Mosaic Class IOC. Last blog post information outdated. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
We diverted a lot of money into acquiring more domain names, so the LLC set up has been delayed. We also have to move our legal business address, which will add to overhead; we will still be based in Riverview, and will open an advanced photography and design studio, as well as a photographic art gallery (we were the first in Tampa Bay to make a business out of photograpic art; it is in our name, and the proof is on our web sites throughout the years) in the near future. Riverview, Florida needs a legitimate professional photography studio and photographers, and we will set the standard.
This prototype Mosiac Class web site is scheduled to achieve Initial Operation Capability, or IOC, this Fall, roughly four and a half years after it launched as a Beta test site. At that time, the Aurora PhotoArts .Com marketing and branding domain name, as well as the Tampa Looks . Com marketing domain name, will switch from the old Venus Class site over to this one, and this Mosaic Class site will then become the official flagship marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts. It will have full operational capability in late 2016, around the time that the production versions of the Mosaic Class web site begins mass production. This original, prototype Mosaic Class site will not be upgraded to production coded Mosaic Class site until well after the fleet is deployed (around 2018, as the fleet will be large), although it will look identical to the production versions. Although the production versions of the Mosaic Class web site look identical to this one, they will be over four, and, eventually, five years more advanced under the hood (We will be upgrading them to be responsive, mobile-friendly sites in 2017), with some new technologies and tactics optimized for both contested and specialized online environments (Due to some changes that a search engine has done to the Internet, making it much more difficult for legitimate web sites to place well in search results, we estimate that the Mosaic Class sites will have around 70% of the projected performance that they would have had had the fleet been deployed in 2011, back when it was designed. 50% is acceptable at this point, especially since it is not financially cost-effective to get SSL certifications for the entire fleet, and we are not going to do that. Had the fleet deployed in 2011, however, it would have been crippled by some changes to the Internet in 2012, and the sites would have been cut down to 20% of their projected performance with that original code. We are thankful that we took our time).
The Venus Class sites will be left online until we replace them with production versions of the Mosaic Class site.
The blog post made back on May 27 is already outdated, as we sat on it until today, and did not post it until today. Even though it is outdated, we decided to post it as-is, as some of the information is still relevant. We will be updating that information with a new blog post, soon. - UPDATED 08/03/16/0404

BLOG POST 05/27/16/0613 - This Summer, it is full speed ahead. - UPDATED 08/03/16/0404

QUICK UPDATE 10/08/15/0533 - Aurora PhotoArts business operations to go into high gear the remainder of 2015. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
After we do some reorganizing under an LLC, Aurora PhotoArts, which will be a DBA under the new LLC, will implement and work our advanced marketing, sales, and business model, the same business model that we have been working on since 2008, was ready in 2010, and which we have been sitting on the past five years while we conducted business as usual, just as we have done since we began offering services to the public in 2001. During the past five years, we continued to work on what will be the photography business of the future, further developing it, improving on it, and expanding it.
Our web site strategy, which has served us well the past 15 years, is an important part of this, and we are about to build and deploy more marketing and support web sites than we have since we began working on web sites in 1998, four years after Aurora PhotoArts was founded on June 10, 1994.
Aurora PhotoArts has been the market leader in the Tampa Bay area for modeling portfolio photography, modeling composite cards, talent headshot photography, and talent headshots since 2001, despite the efforts of others to attempt to compete with us in this area. Although modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots will continue to be our main focus, as we are optimized to service a professional market, Aurora PhotoArts will not limit services to those markets.
Details of what we have been working on the past five years, how we are going to do business, what markets we will service, and the support infrastructure which we have engineered and put together are classified. We can only say that we will have no parity in the market, that we will be years ahead of any competition, and that it will be nearly impossible for most to even approach competing with us.
With the construction and deployment of new web sites, expect a dramatic increase in booked work this Fall.
By 2016, we will be well on our way to revolutionizing the photography market in the Tampa Bay area, and will not only set new benchmarks and maintain our leadership of the local market, we will increase our lead as time goes on. This is our market; it has been, and will continue to be. We do not just run a business. We run the entire market, and God help anyone who attempts to compete with us.

QUICK UPDATE 10/08/15/0510 - Curtain Works and the Phantom Shoots rebranded. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
Both our research and development program and our photography testing and proving ground events will have the same purpose, as previously described, but have been rebranded so that they can work with the infrastructure provided by the successor of Tampa Shootouts.
They have been rebranded for several months already, but we are announcing it today. They are now known as ShimmerWorks and the Mirage Shoots experimental photography events; each will have its own web site, and we already have the domain names (we have more domain names now than most are aware of; the two domain names in question will be ShimmerWorks.Com and MirageShoots.Com). The Mirage event series will utilize infrastructure and technology support from the successor of Tampa Shootouts, our photography event and workshop business due to begin operations in 2016, a business which will be a sustainable source of paid modeling jobs for professional models, part of our modeling jobs program, and will force change in the market as it will make everyone else pay models if they want any hope at all to compete. The Mirage experimental photography events and the ShimmerWorks research and development program will not be a part of the modeling jobs program, and will not be a source of paid modeling jobs (we just wanted to clarify that for those who think that they have figured out where those jobs are coming from, so that they know that there is a lot more out there which they can not currently see, and are not aware of. The source of those modeling jobs will be the successor of Tampa Shootouts, and our Mirage experimental photography events benefit from all of the work that has gone into that event support infrastructure and the formatting for the successor of Tampa Shootouts).

QUICK UPDATE 10/08/15/0407 - Changes on the Internet required that we took some time to some research; we have the luxury of taking our time, as the results will be worth it. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
A certain search engine changed the rules for which web sites would have the advantage, so we took everything offline, as far as our web site development, construction, and update programs, and took some extra time for some research. We have made our web site designs more modular, flexible, and scalable. We are also making some changes to the Mosaic Class web site design before we mass produce the production versions of the web sites and deploy a historic fleet.
Although our SES (Search Engine Superiority) technology is rather robust, and we are sure that we could have deployed the fleet without any serious repercussions from the changes, rules stipulate that we could not take the risk with such a large fleet at stake. Thus, we have spent extra time making sure that the site code and design can tolerate the changes.
Despite the several month delay, our plans will proceed, as already outlined, soon, and deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts will be complete in 2016.
Our “competition” will soon be very unhappy, as we will assert ourselves within our market, which has been, and always will be, the Tampa Bay area. No parity. We are the standard in photography and design services for our market, especially as we were here first, and our clients will benefit with the best in the market, especially with our ongoing research and development program, the only one of its kind for any photography company in the world, serving to increase our lead.

NEWS 05/12/15/0919 - Rumors of an additional 40 domain names procured. Mosaic Class fleet rumored to be massive in size. Collage Class update. Spectacle Class stealth web site. - UPDATED 05/10/15/2215 - 05/12/15/0919

QUICK UPDATE 03/26/15/1010 - Aurora PhotoArts makes stunning announcement with the largest acquisition of domain names in company history. Rumors persist of over 30 domain names invested in. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, Aurora PhotoArts fast tracked the acquisition of its planned domain names and invested in a large number of them in a single day. Starter, “foundation” content is now being written, and the initial web sites should be up by the end of this week.
Many of these text-only web sites will soon be replaced with operational, and powerful, Mosaic Class web sites which will be built over them, using established directories and files, as well as other appropriate classes of web sites for the other domain properties and their projects (Maverick Class web sites for the photography event web sites, which are an upgraded version of the Pioneer Class sufficiently different to justify the creation of a new class instead of being designated as an upgrade of the Pioneer Class, as well as Collage Class web sites for the second photography company sites, and other classes for other domains).
Marketing and branding domain names and operating domain names were also invested in for the second photography company, the professional photography association, the modeling photography and photography event business, and the modeling jobs program, as well as some more domain names for some revolutionary projects.
Most of these domain names are classified, and we will not reveal what they are.
Unlike most whom buy large amounts of domain names, we will be using all of ours, although Passinault has indicated that, since he has demonstrated a strong and long track record of being one of the best in coming up with branding and domain names, that he will be getting into the business of creating and selling domain names.
As of now, we have the best domain names relevant to photography and modeling in the Tampa Bay area, and we will use all of them extremely effectively. By 2016, swarms of our independent, but integrated, marketing and support sites will be everywhere, and they will be impossible to ignore. These sites will be easy to find for their relevant target markets, but will be extremely difficult to detect and track for anyone else, a form of selective SEO enabled by the tuned application of advanced technology and tactics, such as web site stealth technology, and they will not be connected to each other in any way. These technologies and tactics are also legitimate, too, which means that the sites are highly resistant to being shot down by being penalized, especially as each web site has its own unique content.
Rumors persist of over 30 domain names being acquired, domain names which we will use and which will not be for sale, but those rumors remain unconfirmed, as the specifics, and the numbers, are classified. We can only confirm that this was, by far, the largest acquisition of domain name properties since we started doing this in 1998.
Our opponents can panic now, because their online marketing is going to be overrun. Severely overrun.

QUICK UPDATE 03/24/15/1020 - Current technology to be under wraps. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
We have been ripped off by aspiring competitors before, going back to before 2003, and conditions are worse, now. Because the market is flooded with amateurs aspiring to compete with us, countermeasures to being ripped off are now literally built into every aspect of our business.
When they see what we will be achieving, a lot of them will try to study our business and learn from it in an attempt to compete with us and take some of our market share. Most of them will fail.
Back in 2008, as we continued to book work, as we had been doing for seven years at that time, we began working on our next generation business models. Our next generation business models were ready to be deployed and used by 2010, but we continued development, and held off on using any of the new technology until the economy improved.
We did not want to put years of work into what was to become the photography and design company of the future (a company which is now decades ahead of anything else out there, but which can be done now, cost-effectively and efficiently, with current resources) and get ripped off by others trying to learn from us, reverse-engineer our innovations, and copy us, so we specifically engineered countermeasures to being studied and copied into every aspect of a new business model which was ultimately an integrated business, marketing, sales, and support model. We have succeeded in creating a business which is highly resistant to being studied, reverse-engineered, and copied, even by those whom will be working closely with us. The key is to allow them to see the effect of that business model, and not the cause; to be able to easily utilize what we make available without having to know how it works or to be able to see the intricate business machine under the hood which makes it work.
That said, don’t think for a moment that we are going to be using current technology and tactics in the field. If we do use such tactics and technology, it will be in a tightly controlled and secure environment, or in a sandbox situation where emergent results can be studied, and where we can extrapolate, literally, future business environments, markets, needs, and projected opponents; in sandbox studies, we will know the future challenges before anyone else will. We also know the future because we will be the ones creating it, and we do not run just a business, but we run entire markets.
Although the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts will utilize new 2015 tactics and technology, all of that will be invisible, and most will not even know what they are looking at. For the most part, tactics, tools, and technology which we will be using in the field will be a few years old, based upon what is proven, from around 2010. We will keep our aces up our sleeves, as we have bought ourselves plenty of slack in technology. That 2010 technology is still decades ahead of anything else that is being used out there by our opponents.
The results of our efforts, which will be able to be seen, will start an arms race in the market as others try to study our business and reverse-engineer it. It is going to be interesting.

QUICK UPDATE 03/18/15/0958 - Image Files. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
We will be going through the studio archives this week to locate some missing image files from shoots from, mainly, between 2005 and 2007. These files are on stacks of CD ROMs, and they are in storage in the back (We will be using additional computers to go through all of those CD’s. We will be making a lot of backups, too, when these files are located. Not to worry, though, as we will be implementing a new file organizational system this year so that we will no longer have issues with missing files, although rules put in place back in 2000/2001 will save us because it required us to at least do two backups of every shoot, and to store those backups in separate locations; the files are there, they just have to be found). Aurora PhotoArts, which was founded in 1994 as a photography support company for other Passinault projects, became a services company marketing photography and design services to the public in 2000, mainly to the professional modeling and talent markets, and our work is vast, now going back 15 years for our professional, usable portfolio. We have thousands and thousands of great photography from many years of solid shoots, most of which were booked shoots with model and talent clients; we are very proud of our pedigree, which cannot be ignored, and image files from as far back as 2001 had the quality which ensures that they are still used in our portfolio, today. Our images from over a decade ago, quite literally, are legendary.
Obtaining these files will allow us to complete the image and graphics sets for the Mosaic Class site program, and will clear the way to mass production of a powerful, effective, and massive fleet of Mosaic Class sites for the marketing and support of Aurora PhotoArts. With the Mosaic Class, we not only have superior web sites with performance and effectiveness, but we will also have large numbers of those sites, which is the best of both worlds. By late 2015, and especially by next year, in 2016, these sites will dominate, and we will be impossible to ignore.
The main thumbnail array to the upper right will change a lot when this site goes completely operational in the coming weeks, as images there now are mainly placeholders. Our portfolio is strong and vast, and we look forward to putting some of the best photographs ever taken in the Tampa Bay area on our web sites.

QUICK UPDATE 03/11/15/1057 - Spring 2015.
We are still working on both Tampa Bay Film, which uses a Revolution Class site, and Frontier Pop, which uses a Pioneer Class site. We are anticipating getting those sites caught up this week.
Once those sites are up to speed, it will take at least one month for us to get Aurora PhotoArts up to speed, although this is in reference to our next generation business model, developed from what has been proven over the years and further refined, as we have been working consistently and have been booking shoots and other work since 2001 (and everyone knows it, too). We need four main components in place to get the business, marketing, and support engine that we have been building since 2008 operational, and it will take at least a month to get those components into place. This does not includes the mass production of the production versions of the Mosaic Class sites, which will all use the latest 2015 technologies “under the hood”, and will be much more advanced than this first Mosaic Class site, which was designed in 2011 and was built and deployed in 2012. The new Mosaic Class sites will also use new technologies such as web site stealth technology, which this site lacks, and will lack (and it is all legitimate, too. We will not use anything which is against the rules in the SEO game and will not risk getting the sites banned or penalized. The sites will also be original stand-alone sites, will not be duplicated, and will not link to each other). The new, production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites will look like this one, but they will be completely different under the hood, and much more effective.
We will need the following components to be in place, and it will be sometime this Spring before we can make that happen:

1. The first Mosaic Class site (this site) must be fully operational.
This will take about a week of work once all of the image and graphic sets are available. We need to switch over the branding domain name (AuroraPhotoArts.Com) and the marketing domain name (TampaLooks.Com) over to this web site from the old Venus Class marketing and support site, as all marketing tools use those domain names, and this site has to be fully operational before that can happen, You can’t push a site which is not complete. The old Venus Class sites are scheduled to be replaced with shiny new Mosaic Class sites during the fleet deployment, which should occur sometime before next year (all-new sites have priority, as that will maximize the effectiveness of the fleet deployment and enable the fleet to dominate much sooner).

2. The Spectacle Class stealth web site must be deployed and operational.
This extremely advanced and secret web site has to be up and operational. Why it has to be operational, and why it has to be a stealth web site, is a secret. This site is much smaller than a Mosaic Class site, so it won’t take long to build and deploy the one (or more. We are not saying how many of these that we will build and deploy) that we need. Unlike the production versions of Mosaic Class web sites, which use selective applications of stealth technology to specifically shape and sculpt search engine results as a part of our SES (Search Engine Superiority) tactics and technologies, which were recently tested and perfected with the Super Raptor Class web site for the Tampa Bay Film online film festival (Don’t bother looking. We took it down because we did not want it competing with the new Tampa Bay Film site, and wanted to recycle some content), the Pioneer Class web site used for Frontier Pop, and the new Revolution Class web site for Tampa Bay Film (We don’t B.S. anyone and do not make claims unless we know that it works. This is not hype, propaganda, or marketing hyperbole. It is real. It has been tested, been proven, and has been refined over the span of several years. We are very, very good at this), as well as with several other web sites, the Spectacle Class web site is a full stealth web site, designed to be used on the Internet without being detected, and without any penalties if we ever wish to use the operating domain name for a top search web site in the future.
Everyone will know that the SES technologies and tactics of the Mosaic Class fleet works extremely well soon enough. As for the stealth sites, well, that may not be as obvious.

3. The Modeling Jobs Program web site.
How and why is classified, and we will not go into it. Period.
Let’s just say that we intend to fight modeling scams, specifically modeling job scams. This is all legit, too; we are not a scam, and do not use deceptive marketing tactics like others do. We will not advertise jobs and then require the people whom respond to buy something.
Again, there is a reason that this site has to be up, and we are not going to go into it. We are not in business to teach those whom aspire to compete with us the business, or give them ideas, especially when we are smarter.
We know that those whom aspire to compete with us study our sites, as they wish to learn from the best; we were here first, too, and have been doing it for years before they tried to get into the business.
We can say that this site is very important for our support of the successor of Tampa Shootouts, and a modeling photography event and workshop business, which is separate from Aurora PhotoArts, is in our future; we will make it work, while others have failed. We have figured it out, and it is years ahead of anything that anyone else has thought of. It can also be done cost-effectively, and can be sustained, with current technology and resources. Oh, and here is the important part: Models get paid for working these events and workshops. This means that the people out there whom do not pay models and whom exploit them as free labor, often in the name of “charity”, will be forced to start paying models if they wish to survive and have any chance of competing.
You are all welcome!

4. Marketing tools.
Without going into specifics about what marketing tools are needed and how they will be used, which is classified, we will say that our business cards are outdated, as they were last printed in 2005 (although they still work. To be honest, though, we get most of our business because of our web sites and from word of mouth from our clients, which is why our cards have lasted a decade. Why else would we be putting so much work and effort into a fleet of new web sites?). We have spent several years working on the next generation, and we are ready to proceed; the new cards are good, and they should be, as we are a design company, after all. We also wanted business cards which were “hardened”, meaning that we could give them to those whom wish to compete with us without risk. We even have cards designed to “show the flag” and intimidate aspiring competitors, as well as eventual competitors, as they are designed to be given to them. When most see what they are up against, they will simply decline to show up and will give up. The others? Well, they will be humbled, over and over and over again, and will probably regret getting into this business and market. It is our market, after all, and has been for 15 years.

In other news, branding has been finalized for the Aurora PhotoArts research and development program, formerly known as “Curtain Works”, and the secret testing and proving “grounds” photography event component of that program, formerly known as the “Phantom Shootouts” and our “Area 51" for testing.
Each will be receiving their own web site. The new branding is much better, and makes more sense, too, as both brands are now connected in a relevant, as well as cool, way. This was reported on the old Tampa Shootouts site a few days ago. Aurora PhotoArts is currently the only photography company in the world with an ongoing research and development program at the scale and the detail that we have. We will be investing a lot into this program in the coming months and years, and it will make Aurora PhotoArts one of the top photography companies in the world. It will also, by default, make us impossible to compete with in the Tampa Bay and Florida markets. As it should be.
In closing, there is evidence that aspiring competitors have been studying our web sites and are now attempting to copy some of our ideas. The execution has been lacking, however, due to the poor comprehension of the mechanics behind what makes those ideas work (they are our ideas and concepts, after all), as well as other missing details, so their efforts are, in our opinion, little more than a weak 3rd rate, generic knock off, or counterfeit, of our work. This, of course, is why security countermeasures are engineered into every aspect of our business, and why we are as secretive as we are.
One more thing. Construction and deployment of the massive fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts is scheduled to begin this Spring, and well continue well into 2016 as the sites are built and deployed at the rate of one every two weeks. These sites will not be announced, and we will not reference or link to them from this site. Thank you! There is evidence out there that this is causing concern from those whom wish to compete with us, and that concern is warranted, as this is our market. Aurora PhotoArts will not merely be running the top photography and design business in the Tampa Bay market, but rather the entire Tampa Bay photography and design market itself; we will be running this market, and we will have the support infrastructure and the resources to do it.
No parity. No competition.
- UPDATED 08/05/16/0420

QUICK UPDATE 02/02/15/0906 - Delays to Spring 2015. Mosaic Class fleet to be expanded to at least 32 web sites. - UPDATED 08/05/16/0420
Due to work on Tampa Bay Film and Frontier Pop causing delays, it will be Spring 2015, at least, before everything is up to speed (reference the last blog post for details). Also, the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will be expanded dramatically to at least 32 web sites. Obviously, this will take our fleet deployment, which will consistently stand at at least two per month being built and deployed, well into 2016 to get the numbers up to that full deployment. The fleet will be fully operational by this Summer, however.
We plan on beginning deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites this month (February. You will know when the deployment has begun because this site will be completed and will become fully operational; among the first of the fleet to be completed, although the others will be more advanced, despite looking the same, as they will use 2015 technology as opposed to the 2011/2012 technology which is used for the foundation of this one. The new web sites will also employ the selective use of stealth technology, which this one doesn’t. For security reasons, we will not link to the new Mosaic Class sites in the fleet; you will have to find them on their own, which may be difficult because you can never be quite sure what you are looking at. We will also not identify which specific markets that these sites are engineered for, and in what numbers), as well as order and stock up on marketing tools, which include “hardened” business cards which are optimized to be given to aspiring competitors, and eventually, competitors; they are engineered to “show the flag”, to intimidate them, and to discourage them from even trying to compete.
A Spectacle Class stealth web site will be deployed in the coming weeks, sometime this month. We do not want some people finding it.
The new site for the modeling jobs program will also be built and deployed soon, and will probably use an Athena Class site like Independent Modeling does. The web sites for the successor of Tampa Shootouts, the Curtain Works research and development program, and the secret Phantom Shootouts development photography events of what was Curtain Works will launch soon, as well. More news will come soon. - 02/02/15/0926 - 02/02/15/0938

BLOG POST 12/28/14/0936 - Mosaic Class schedule. Ramping up business operations. Curtain Works and Phantom Shootouts to be rebranded. Drone update. - UPDATED 12/28/14/0936

QUICK UPDATE 12/28/14/0936 - Fleet deployment should begin this month. Deployment schedule relaxed; should take less than a year.
Due to delays, mainly with Tampa Bay Film work, as well as work on Frontier Pop, we are still waiting to begin deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts. The initial deployment will also be slower because we have to build and deploy a Spectacle Class stealth web site for Aurora PhotoArts to support an ongoing project (operational security concerns require a stealth web site using a different design than the Mosaic Class. The stealth web site will not be revealed online nor linked to), as well as a web site for the modeling jobs program, which will also be ongoing. Four next-generation talent and business resource web sites for the Tampa Bay market also need to be built and deployed.
Our deployment schedule for the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will take a little less than a year instead of 6 months. Considering that the Mosaic Class web site has been in development since 2011, a deployment schedule of just under a year is nothing; we will be rocking by the Fall of 2015 with a massive fleet of large, effective web sites. We will also be up to full speed and strength withing six months. Instead of one per week, we are throttling back at 50% at the rate of one site every two weeks so that we can build and maintain our other sites, as one per week would tax our resources. We are also considering, at this time, building two customized Mosaic Class sites for two professional models (The main issue that we have is that we are not allowed to use front line sites such as the Mosaic Class to link to the works of other photographers, especially competitors. Using such advanced web sites for model clients is also something that we are not too keen on for a number of different reasons, as front line web sites are usually restricted to exclusive use by us) Please see today’s blog post for more.

QUICK UPDATE 11/11/14/1128 - Fleet set to be deployed this month. Construction and deployment scheduled to take six months.
The fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts should begin deployment this month. Construction and deployment of the fleet of the production version of the Mosaic Class web site, which will use the strategic application of stealth technology for sculpted search results, Search Engine Superiority (SES) technology, and the latest technologies and tactics, will take around six months, and should be completed by May 2015, at which time the fleet will be fully operational.
The fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will be powerful, effective, and massive. They will prove to be impossible to compete with. They will be everywhere, and despite their numbers, will be very difficult to track.
Although the new sites will look like this one, under the hood the new Mosaic Class web sites will use 2014/ 2015 technology, and no two web sites will be alike. This web site which you are now on is a prototype Mosaic Class web site which began development in 2011 and was launched in 2012, and it is not nearly as advanced. It is built with 2012 technology, and does not use any stealth technology at all, although it does use an early version of SES technology. Obviously, this is the web site that we want the competition to see. We will not link to the new Mosaic Class web sites in our fleet from this web site, nor will we reveal where these web site are or their target markets.
The first Mosaic Class web site should be fully operational later this month, at which time our marketing domain names TampaLooks.Com and AuroraPhotoArts.Com will switch from the old Venus Class site to this one. That old Venus Class site will eventually be replaced with a new Mosaic Class site under its operating domain name.

QUICK UPDATE 10/28/14/0947 - Next Generation marketing and support site development underway. FOC in November.
The conceptual layout for the upcoming 4th Generation Aurora Class marketing and support web site, which will exclusively be used by Aurora PhotoArts and will first supplement, and then replace, the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites, is well underway. It’s said that the layout for the Spectacle Class stealth web site was derived from an early plan for the Aurora Class, and the Spectacle Class merely increased the size of the thumbnails, for reasons that cannot be disclosed, and added a cascading layout beneath the main one (The Spectacle Class stealth web site is extremely classified, and will not be shown or acknowledged. Additionally, the site/s will not acknowledge what they are, and although we can reveal that at least one of these web sites will be built and deployed in November using rapid prototyping fabrication techniques, we cannot confirm if any others will be built, or what they will be used for; remember that sites which are designed to be mass produced, such as the Mosaic Class site which you are on now, can’t normally be rapid prototyped, and have to go through a lengthy research and development phase where all of the details are worked out and are perfected, as the smallest mistake would be replicated among the entire line once mass production commenced; fixing even the smallest mistake over a fleet of web sites would be costly, so we have to get the design down before we can begin mass production. This Mosaic Class site is an operational prototype, and, as such, is only 50% as effective as the others will be, as a lot has changed since the Mosaic Class web site began development in 2011, it went online on May 6, 2012, and now (especially between 2012 and now). Although the Mosaic Class sites in the fleet will look the same, they won’t be, and the production versions of the Class will be very different from this one. The new Mosaic Class sites will have all new technology “under the hood”, and will use the strategic application of web site stealth technology to enhance their Search Engine Superiority (SES) technology; they will be late 3rd Generation web sites using an overall layout design from 2011 with technology from 2014/2015. This prototype Mosaic Class site will be brought up to speed and optimized, but it will never be what the operational production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites will be or as effective, especially as this site was never designed with technology such as stealth technology in mind (this prototype site does not use any kind of stealth technology). We will not link to or identify the other Mosaic Class web sites in the fleet, nor acknowledge how many of them that they are or what they are being used for, although they will be all over the search engine results for different terms in 2015.
The Aurora Class sites will be very different, too, using 4th Generation web site technology utlizing flash graphics, multimedia, and built on PHP databasing technology. As 4th Generation technology is still in development, we are at the overall layout concept phase of development right now. The Aurora Class site is designed to be first built and deployed in 2017, after several 4th Generation prototype sites are built and tested, and after a rigorous and detailed development process for the Aurora Class site itself using the results of tests of those early sites. Other front line 4th Generation sites, such as the Destiny Class and the Centurion Class, will also benefit from these experiments and tests.
Mosaic Class sites, being late 3rd Generation web sites using proven technologies such as CSS and HTML, are designed to be easily upgraded to 4th Generation standards in the future. As such, even the current ones are designed to be fully compatible with technology such as multimedia, but not at the level that a true 4th Generation site such as the Aurora Class is designed for.
In other news, Aurora PhotoArts and this site were supposed to be at Full Operational Capacity (FOC) at the end of September, with October being used to get up to speed, but we have been delayed due to other projects and work, such as work on Tampa Bay Film. So, November will be used to get everything online, with FOC obtained in November, and we will be up to speed in December, just in time for the busy period of January and early 2015.
Mass production and the deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class sites will begin in December, with the fleet fully deployed and operational by mid 2015.

QUICK UPDATE 09/23/14/1004 - Rates changing for photography services.
Our modeling portfolio photography rates increased on September 1, 2014. We are now looking at increasing our headshot photography rates by October 1, 2014, as we can get those rates (we have kept our rates the same for the past 8 years, which was more than anyone could have hoped for, and we can no longer sustain them. Although our bookings will dramatically increase, which keep our rates low, the services that we now offer more than offset the higher volumes, requiring an increase in rates). The rate increases have been fair, retaining full value to our clients. Another change in our rates may be in order by the end of the year, as we evaluate our ongoing operations data, and that increase may be even larger, and necessary due to the increase in the services that we offer our clients now. Additionally, due to the increase in volume of the number of photography sessions that we will be booking, headshot and modeling portfolio photography sessions will, increasingly, be group sessions, a development which is keeping our rates from doubling; we will not be able to afford to do many one-on-one sessions in the future, and our bookings will be at a level where such sessions would only be possible at much higher rates, approaching commercial day rates. Clients booked into group session will receive the same services that they would in a one-on-one session, and there will actually be benefits from working in a group session which would not be possible in a single session. Rate information is considered to be confidential information, is only disclosed to actual clients, and rates are only disclosed for relevant services being considered; base rates of all services will never be disclosed, and we must be called for rates. Rates may vary depending upon the terms and conditions of the booking, are subject to change without notice, and are only guaranteed once services are actually scheduled, booked, and retained with a binding deposit and a service agreement, which lock in the terms and conditions of a booked session. Aurora PhotoArts reserves the right to adjust rates as we see fit, and we reserve the right to refuse to give out rate information to any party which we feel is not serious about booking our services as a client or is a party which we suspect may be a competitor shopping us.

QUICK UPDATE 09/12/14/1633 - Full Operational Capacity by the end of the month.
We are on track to being at full operational capacity by the end of the month. It’s time to emerge from our cocoon and get on with this. It’s time to continue to set standards in the market and put photographers who are trying to compete with us in their place.
As of Monday, September 15, 2014, 95% of our web site and support work will focus on Aurora PhotoArts.
This site will be fully operational by the next week, and we will also launch a brand new, “invisible” web site, a stealth web site for an ongoing Aurora PhotoArts project. This new type of web site is designed to be invisible to the search engines, and, yes, there is a method to the madness, and a really good use for this site. We are just not saying what it is (competitors and aspiring competitors reading this with the hope of learning from us so that they can “compete” with us can feel free to send us hate mail. You can keep learning from photographers who like to teach because they also can’t compete with us. Obviously, that won’t help you). We will also avoid showing anyone the site or linking to it.
The fleet of Mosaic Class web sites will being production and deployment by the end of the month. The web presence that Aurora PhotoArts will have in 2015 will be overwhelming and dominant, putting us into a position that we have been holding off from since 2008, when the economy crashed and we sat back and studied what was going on in the market while still booking work at a steady pace (We know more about what is going on in the market right now than anyone else. We know who everyone is and what they do, and this is why we know that we have no peers and that we are years ahead of anyone else). We didn’t push it, though, because we did not want to show our hand before the market was ready; we simply did not try. In the past six years, we have been doing a lot of research and development, and had many breakthroughs. We are now several generations ahead of where we were in 2008, and at least a decade ahead of anyone in the market, with countermeasures engineered into every aspect of our business and marketing to make it extremely difficulty for others to learn from us and copy us, as it has been our experience, since 2003, that there are a lot of unethical and unprofessional photographers in the market who steal from us because they cannot compete. With more amateurs in the market than ever before cluttering it up, we are certainly not going to allow them to loot us and steal from us so that they can make what they claim to do into a business, as we are not in business to train people who are trying to compete with us; we expect a lot of these people to try to rip us off, just like they want to rip off their customers, clients, models and talent.
Anyone attempting to compete with us will regret the attempt, because we are their new nightmare, and we will take business from them. They know it, too.
Oh, and then there is the fact that we now have a second photography company, as well as a massive research and development program, the only one of its kind for any photography company in the world, to increase our lead. Many are about to find out what we have spent years working on. That second photography company, which is engineered to prey upon its competitors, will benefit from our resources and support.
We have no parity. Our lead in the market can be sustained, as well as increased over time.
Welcome to our market.

QUICK UPDATE 08/29/14/1039 - September will be a big month for Aurora PhotoArts.
As of September 1, 2014, Aurora PhotoArts and the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites will have priority. We will get this first Mosaic Class site fully operational in early September, and then will begin mass production and deployment of the fleet of upgraded production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites.
We expect to have the first three Mosaic Class web sites operational by the end of September, as well as a new Spectacle Class stealth web site deployed. The stealth site is for the support of a secret Aurora PhotoArts project, and we simply do not want it being seen on the search engines. There is a method to the perceived madness, but we aren’t telling. This secret program is the key to what will be our market dominance in 2015, as it will be ongoing. All details are classified, so no further information will be reported.
The second photography company branding and trademarks/ servicemarks have been secured, with the first of a second fleet of starter sites online already. The branding and site addresses are currently classified, although they will be everywhere and extremely well known by 2015.
Tampa Shootouts is being rebranded, and the event properties will also be adjusted for the new branding (Athena, Phantom, etc will be retained). The key branding and logo from the second photography company will be used for branding continuity of a network of related properties. The Tampa Shootouts site, however, will remain online. The three support sites for Tampa Shootouts will be decommissioned, which will only have the drawback of leaving a gap in the lineage of Pioneer Class sites deployed and operating.
What was formerly known as the Tampa Shootouts program will be upgraded and used to support the modeling jobs program, as well as used for research and development and to develop a portfolio for the second photography company.
Our professional photography association branding may change, as well.
Work on Tampa Bay Film is wrapping up, as the site was actually unfinished and required weeks of extra work. Updates on the web site starting next week should be fast and easy, and maintenance extremely efficient. The new Athena Class Florida Models site should be online sometime next week, also. Although Aurora PhotoArts and the deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites have priority, these others sites will not be nearly as much work as projects such as Tampa Bay Film was, so they can be done concurrently.
Class III hardened marketing cards for Aurora PhotoArts and other tools will be completed in September, as well, in addition to new service agreements and releases. The new Aurora PhotoArts uniforms and shirts are coming this Fall, as well.
Class III marketing cards are designed to be used in hostile marketing environments, to the extent that they actually designed to be given to competitors to show the flag and discourage them from competing; the cards are designed to intimidate, and do not show any trade secrets or sensitive information, which is why they are considered to be “hardened”.

QUICK UPDATE 07/09/14/0833 - We are delaying the schedule a week because of something urgent that we have to do.
On July 7, 2014, we finally solved the branding puzzle of our second photography company and its interlaced companies, which all share the same branding, which made a very complex trademark and domain name conundrum which we have been working on for the past ten years (all the while developing the business and marketing details, which means that we have developed an advanced business model decades ahead of anything else out there, but which can be done today with today’s resources; we expect others to follow the lead of this new company and try to copy it. We literally began working on this in 2004!). Officially, that day, our new photography company and its sisters were founded. The next day, working on designing a logo for a client with an independent film project, which, ironically, was exactly what we were working on for an earlier version of second photography company last year, we came up with the perfect logo, and decided to use it as the main branding logo for all of these companies still while allowing him to use it as production art in his independent film (We retain all of the rights, and will be using this logo for several related companies, the front-end company being the photography company. We explained this to the filmmaker, which is he cool with, since we own the logo, and the cool thing about all of this is that it will give the branding a very interesting backstory and legacy. That cool logo will be literally everywhere, and, design-wise, it is right up there with the logos of Apple, Nike, and other top brands! Just like with the Aurora PhotoArts “arc” logo).
Because the independent film is about to go into production, and the cat will be let out of the proverbial bag, we can’t sit on this. We have to move on it, now. Although we will not announce the branding or link to the web sites once they are up, for a while at least, we need to establish them before the independent film exposes any clues as to what we have been working on in secret for so long. This means that, although the sites will not be operational and we do not yet have any pictures to support the portfolio of this new company, we need to get the domain names and have starter web sites online with content, and it needs to be done this week. Pictures can come later, and a portfolio for this new photography company will begin development in the Fall. The web sites for the new companies should be fully operational in early 2015, with full operations to be underway at that time. Currently, the companies will have about 12 web sites, which will be a fleet smaller than the fleet of Mosaic Class sites which Aurora PhotoArts will be using. The new sites will use a different design class other than the Mosaic Class, as well, a brand new design class of web site which, like the Mosaic Class, will be a late 3rd Generation web site, but more advanced than the Mosaic Class, as the web site design will be newer.
The new photography company will commence business in 2015, with its sister companies offering business services soon after. At that time, we expect several glamour and boudoir photographers to go out of business.
Due to conflicts in the business that Aurora PhotoArts does (and there is no potential conflict about it; there is an actual conflict), we have to have a second photography company. In the past, Aurora PhotoArts has never been a threat to photographers and photography companies in the Tampa Bay area doing glamour, boudoir, and other high-risk work that can limit the marketability of models, because we do not do that kind of work, and the risk undermines what we are trying to deliver to our clients. We also have way too many parents booking us to do portfolios and headshots for their kids, most of them teens, and are going to retain, and expand upon, that business. Thus, our hands have been tied.
We have determined that we need to provide photography services for professionals in the Tampa Bay area who work in high-risk markets which are safer and more professional than what is out there now, especially as we have been disgusted by what we have seen so-called photographers, such as glamour photographers, doing (Alex and Jeff, among others). Also, we must stress that we will NOT try to convince any model to anyone trying to become a model to do this kind of work. We will only allow them to book with the new company if they want that type of photography, and if they are aware of the risks and the consequences to any modeling career.
The three core starter sites will be online this week. The new photography company will go after the high-risk photography market, which includes glamour, boudoir, and “sexy” photography, all age-relevant (18 and over, with extensive instruction on the marketing risks and on how to reduce risks. We are going to be responsible about how we conduct this) and will take market share from photographers working these markets. It will set the new standard. The new company will share equipment and technology with Aurora PhotoArts, and will have the full might of our marketing firepower. Likewise, our research and development program will directly benefit the new company, and the new company will take over our high-risk shootout programs at Tampa Shootouts, such as Allure.
The advantage that Aurora PhotoArts has in the Tampa Bay market will be the advantage that this new company will have, and since the markets are different, there are no conflicts, and although some of the photography, such as fashion and swimsuit, will overlap (the new company will take point in fashion and swimsuit, for reasons that we cannot disclose right now, but which will be obvious soon. What we have engineered will be a nightmare for anyone trying to compete with this new company, as they will be outgunned and outclassed in every way. It will literally overwhelm them, and most will choose to simply not compete). In some aspects, this new company will have marketing and branding superior to that which is used by Aurora PhotoArts, and that is saying something. The logo is even better.
This said, Aurora PhotoArts will continue to be our main photography company, and we are happy with what we are working with.

QUICK UPDATE 07/07/14/0520 - We intend to get this site to full operational status, and prepare for the imminent mass production of the enhanced production versions of the Mosaic Class sites, this month, in July 2014. Our initial fleet should be online and operational by the end of the year. That fleet will consist of at least 16 web sites. These sites will be powerful, effective, and quite unstoppable, expanding upon the original core and channel technology pioneered, but never implemented, in our Venus Class marketing and support web sites. The Mosaic Class sites also feature technology developed, deployed, and proven in sites such as the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, which dominated relevant search results (Don’t bother looking for it. We shut it down, and an upgraded version is now being built for the main Tampa Bay Film site).
The issue with the delays has been other projects slowing us down. This week, we have to update Tampa Bay Film, do some design work for a client, complete and launch a few web sites (construction of these sites is actually almost complete), launch a new Athena Class web site for Florida Models, and update our core talent resource sites to support the new sites. We have pushed back work on the resumption of publication of Frontier Pop issues to free up resources for this.
We should have some content additions to this web site this week, as well.
Next week, we will be working on support resources for Aurora PhotoArts, which include design templates for the Mosaic Class sites, new contracts, releases, paperwork, and marketing tools such as online ads which are resistant to being reverse-engineered and copied (all aspects of our business will have high levels of security to ensure that both we and our clients have market dominance now, and in the future). Our new shirt designs will also be completed; we have a primary two color polo shirt with our logo embroidered on the left breast for our main official shirt, this shirt sporting a collar. We also have a drop plate for suit blazer pockets, and assorted T-Shirts with our logo silkscreened on them, with some variants having “Photographer” or other titles on the back.
This means that we should get this site fully operational the week of July 20th, and that full production of the production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites should begin in the first week of August, as we have to deploy some additional support resources, including a new Spectacle Class stealth web site for Aurora PhotoArts, in that last week of July.
This is what is going on, we thank everyone for their patience, and July is going to be a very busy month for us.
August will see the construction and deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites, which will take months, as well as the resumption of full business operations.
With resources available, our ongoing Curtain Works development program and our Phantom shootouts, which will primarily be done at our remote Shadow Land proving grounds, will be implemented this Fall, as will the rollout of shootout events for Tampa Shootouts.
With six years of research and development of a new Aurora PhotoArts, building upon our experience and the foundation of our legacy and brand from the last 20 years, 14 of that offering professional services which set standards and led the market, and our array of comprehensive and effective support resources, the results of all of this work will obvious. How obvious? We will be busier in the next year, and especially in 2015, than we have in the past 14 years, and that work will force competitors to reconsider the business that they are trying to do. We will lead, and they shall follow, if they can. Some will simply give up, and it will be good for the market, as the only photography and design company that the Tampa Bay area needs is us.
We are on the threshold of a new era.

QUICK UPDATE 05/17/14/1649 - Aurora PhotoArts will be investing a tremendous amount of time, money, and other resources into our highly secret Curtain Works research and development program and our Phantom Shootouts testing and proving ground events. At the moment, we are the most cost-effective photography and design company in Florida, and our services are an unbeatable value to our target markets, our main market being models and talent, and that market continuing to be our main one. The goal of our extensive and comprehensive research and development program is to invest in the latest technology in equipment and other tools, and to master their use, giving us expanded, and vastly superior, capabilities, with cost-effectiveness and value still emphasized. We will increase our lead, dramatically, over anyone aspiring to compete with us, and will become a legend in the industry.

QUICK UPDATE 05/17/14/1600 - Just finished going over our domain management and scheduling database, as it is finished and updated for 2015 operations. The fleet of Mosaic Class sites for Aurora PhotoArts should be up to 19 by October, with a core fleet of 16; at least 11 of those web sites using brand new operating domain names (They do not exist at this time; the web sites will first be built, and then the domain names will be bought on the day that they are launched and deployed, ensuring that search engines will crawl huge, well-organized web sites on day-one. This will give us a big advantage). The fleet may be expanded to 24 Mosaic Class web sites by Spring 2015, all of which will be new web sites using new operating domain names (These numbers may or may not be accurate, as exact numbers may be classified; we intend to make the opposition spend a lot of time finding and keeping tabs on each web site, which is intentionally overwhelming. This main web site will be done this month, and mass production begins in June; the production web sites will be updated, with the latest technology, and although they will look like this one, they will be much more advanced and effective. Those web sites and their domain names will not be announced or linked to from their sister sites). We are planning on dumping two to three domain names this year, and will invest in and acquire over 51 new domain names over the next year, of which over 45 will be new web sites, which include the web sites for our second photography company, our fashion assets, the web sites for our event planning and production companies, and next-generation talent resource sites; there will be more web sites for Aurora PhotoArts than for anything else, however. Domain name checks and trademark searches have all cleared, and it is highly unlikely that any of these branding and operating domains, as well as other properties, will be compromised before we have the chance to acquire and implement them, as the database is highly secret, with access limited to one person (Unless the opposition are mind readers. We are much better at coming up with original slogans, branding, and domain names than anyone else, as we are writers, also. This is why others resort to trying to copy us, and why we do not respect them). Some domain names that we will be acquiring which are not yet scheduled will be for secret experimental web sites, including cutting-edge 4th Generation web sites and advanced stealth and disruption sites. Anyone attempting to compete with us can worry now, because they will not be able to compete. It is as it should be.

OBSERVOR TIP 05/14/14/1202 - After many announcements which proved to be false-starts and stalls, you will be able to tell that the Mosaic Class sites are in full production when the thumbnail array on the upper right on this site completely changes and this site is fully operational. You will have to use this as an indicator because we will not announce or link to the operating domain names of our Mosaic Class web site fleet, because of security measures. Once in full production, we plan on building and deploying a shiney new Mosaic Class site at the rate of one per week for many months to come; we plan on having an initial fleet of 16 Mosaic Class sites by the end of 2014, and more than that have been ordered. Please click on the latest news for more. - UPDATED 05/14/14/1202

NEWS 05/14/14/0926 - Mosaic Class production and deployment. Updated production version of the Mosaic Class web site enhancements. Aurora Class next-generation web site development. Misty Class operational stealth web site rapid-prototyped for 2014. Professional photography association progress for the 2015 Tampa Bay market. - UPDATED NEWS 05/14/14/0926

QUICK UPDATE 12/25/13 - After another set of delays (we make no apologies, as the Mosaic Class site project is complex, and everything needs to be perfect before mass production can begin, as there are several thousand files which need to be created which we are not going to go back and fix later if we do not have to; we would rather spend that time building and deploying the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites. Additionally, since this project is not for a client, and it is for us, we can take as long as we need to, and we will; it will be well worth the wait. The Mosaic Class web site program has been in development since early 2011, which means that the development will have taken almost three years by the time that the operational fleet is built and deployed, a time table which is not indicative of our usual development cycle for web sites, as we can design and build effective web sites in days or weeks, depending upon the purpose, the complexity, and the scale. Once the image and graphic sets are done, and the format is finalized, these sites will be built and deployed at a very fast rate.), we should have the image and the graphic sets for the Mosaic Class web sites done by this weekend, at which time this main site will become fully operational, and will become the official, main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, with marketing domain name TampaLooks.Com routed to it, and marketing and branding domain name AuroraPhotoArts.Com also routed to it; currently, those domain names go to our old web site, a Venus Class site which has been online for over five years, and which will be relaunched as a Mosaic Class site by mid 2014. Once this site is operational, mass production of the production version of the Mosaic Class web sites, which are more advanced and refined, will begin, and the fleet will be built and deployed at the rate of one Mosaic Class web site per week.
As of today, this means that we will have the first 3 Mosaic Class web sites online and fully operational by the first week of January 2014, 8 online by the end of January 2014, and a fleet of 12 online and fully operational by the end of February 2014. We have a planned fleet of 16 Mosaic Class web sites planned (which should be online and operational in March), but this could go up to 24, especially with several of our old web sites now on the list to be rebuilt as Mosaic Class web sites (the old Venus Class web site which has been our main web site until now, the original Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site from 2001 under Passinault.Com, currently a Venus Class web site, as well, and Tampa Headshots, which is currently a Huey Class web site. If we can figure out a relative centering code which is not browser dependent, the Venus and Huey Class sites will be upgraded as the Venus 3 and the Huey 2, and offered to our clients in the future, and we may even continue to use the new Venus Class sites for other projects).
Once the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites for Aurora PhotoArts is operational and at planned levels, most of the web sites will see few updates, and our web site work will shift to other web sites, such as our talent resource sites, new marketing and support for our sister companies, and the development of advanced 4th generation web sites, such as the Destiny Class, the Aurora Class, and the Centurion Class.
The upcoming Aurora Class web site will first supplement, and then replace, the Mosaic Class web sites, although the Mosaic Class web sites have a 10 year operational life span starting from when they were initially operational (January 2014, which means that you will probably see Mosaic Class web sites in use until 2024, at the very least, or longer), with the late 3rd generation Mosaic Class web sites being designed to be easily upgraded to true 4th generation web sites (although no where near as advanced as the Aurora Class will be, even with those upgrades, since the Aurora Class is engineered from the ground up to be a 4th generation web site). The Aurora Class, which will be developed after a series of experimental 4th generation prototype web sites are built and tested, is scheduled to debut in the Fall of 2015, and it will have a development cycle no where near as long as the Mosaic Class web site has had (development of the Aurora Class will not begin until early 2015, so it’s a little over a year away, and development will only take a few months, at the most). When the first Aurora Class web site is built and deployed, it will become the new official main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, and this Mosaic Class web site will become a secondary support web site (the fleet of Mosaic Class web sites, regardless, will be maintained and supported, and all of the Aurora Class web sites will make up a new main fleet, which means that Aurora PhotoArts could have two fleets totaling over 48 marketing and support web sites by the end of 2016.
For those who are wondering, 3rd generation web sites like this current Mosaic Class web site use older, proven web site technology such as CSS, HTML, and JPEG graphics, with some video support in the form of embedded flash files. 3rd generation web sites are also compatible with our web site stealth technology and our SES (Search Engine Superiority) technology, which is an enhanced form of SEO. 3rd generation web sites are mostly static HTML web sites. 4th generation web sites are entirely different, and are a quantum leap above 3rd generation technology, although 4th generation sites use technology which is common on the Internet today. 4th generation web sites are dynamic web sites built using PHP databasing technology and flash graphics, and have contextual interfaces and content. Unlike 3rd generation web sties, they also are also optimized for multimedia content and a high level of user interaction. 4th generation web sites will also use our next generation web site stealth technology, as well as our next generation enhanced SEO which is known as SED, or Search Engine Domination, which is more effective than the SES technology currently used by late 3rd generation web sites such as this Mosaic Class site.

QUICK UPDATE 12/06/13 - Should have the image and graphics sets for the Mosaic Class sites done this weekend, and at that time will bring this flagship site up to full operational capability, switching the TampaLooks.Com marketing domain name and the AuroraPhotoArts.Com branding domain name from the old Venus Class site to this one, which will make this site the official main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts. The production versions of the Mosaic Class web sites will be even more advanced than this one, although they will look the same, and will use new technology such as stealth technology (Their operating domain names, which are their location on the Internet, are classified), and this one will be the only one which is revealed to the general public. Last week, on November 26, we updated our Tampa Headshots marketing site, too, because it will not be replaced with a new Mosaic Class site until well into 2014, after the other new sites are built and deployed.

QUICK UPDATE 10/31/13 - Working on image and graphic files for the Mosaic Class web sites. Aiming to get this first, prototype, main site fully operational by November 2, 2013, at which time our main branding domain name of AuroraPhotoArts.Com and our main marketing domain name of TampaLooks.Com will switch from the old main Venus Class Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support site (which itself will be upgraded and replaced with a new Mosaic Class site in 2014) to this one, which will make this one, officially, on that day, the main Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site. Production versions of the Mosaic Class sites, which are more advanced than this one (and will even include the application of new stealth technology), and which will be launched in secret under classified operating domain names, are scheduled to begin mass production next week, and will be built and deployed at the rate of one per week for the rest of the year, with each site launching with at least 30 pages of original content spread out and organized among a web site of at least 60 pages; the fleet should be up to 10 fully operational Mosaic Class web sites for the marketing and support of Aurora PhotoArts by January 2014, and may be up to 24 by the end of 2014. Once the image and graphic sets are completed, mass production will be fast and efficient, as the Mosaic Class sites were designed and optimized for mass production.

BLOG POST 10/26/13 - Project Iceberg: Protecting the Intellectual Property and the Trade Secrets of Aurora PhotoArts. - UPDATED 10/29/13 (Started on 10/12/13)

QUICK UPDATE 10/26/13 - Work critical to the operations and support of Aurora PhotoArts will be the priority, specifically with work on our Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for the next few months, and getting a large part of the fleet online and operational by January 2014 (We have to break out of the three year development slog that we have been mired in since 2010 by November 2013, and get everything fully operational. We can't wait another year or six months, as it has already been a year too long). This means that new content, such as content for our blog, will be much less frequent until early to mid 2014. That means enjoy our latest blog posts, such as the Project Iceberg post above, which was posted today; it will be the last for a while while we work on contracts and critical site content.

QUICK UPDATE 10/26/13 - Passinault orders 90% of online and business work to shift to Aurora PhotoArts for at least six months; this should get the Mosaic Class marketing and support sites and the business programs out of development hell and operational. Aurora PhotoArts to be main business focus of Passinault through 2015, and all other businesses are on hold. Aurora PhotoArts affiliated and sponsored programs, such as Tampa Shootouts, the talent resource sites, and the modeling job program to receive a lot of resources my Q2 2014, as they directly affect the business of Aurora PhotoArts and its modeling and talent photography services.

QUICK UPDATE 10/26/13 - Second photography company will have to be renamed because the branding is similar to the branding of a national modeling scam. This is sad, because we already finished the logo, and it had cleared trademark checks and domain checks. With all of our attention focused on Aurora PhotoArts, however, and the planned all-out assault on high-risk photography, such as glamour, boudoir, and provocative modeling, in the Tampa Bay market in 2014, which this second company would service, we can wait. Work on Aurora PhotoArts and our other programs, such as our shootouts, may be in overdrive well into 2015, because we have had so many business, marketing, and service breakthroughs in the past two years that it will take us months just to get a handle on them all, develop and deploy them as fully operational assets, and refine them. There is not a single photographer or photography company in the Tampa Bay area which comes close to us, or is able to compete, and we can affect other markets indirectly at this point and undermine them without directly competing. Our new security protocols and built in countermeasures under our Project Iceberg program will protect our trade secrets, resources, and assets, too, making sure that we are years ahead of the competition in every area, and secret programs such as Curtain Works and our Phantom Shootouts will further increase our lead.

QUICK UPDATE 10/11/13 - Blog format needs some adjustments, for sure. Working on that, as this, as the main Aurora PhotoArts web site starting in a few days, will be the only Mosaic Class web site for Aurora PhotoArts with a blog. Still working on those image and graphics sets, so the thumbnails will be up and running soon.

BLOG POST 09/20/13 - Curtain Works and Phantom Shootouts. Advanced technology to be developed. - UPDATED 10/11/13

NEW SITE ADDITION 09/19/13 - Intellectual property disclaimer added. This will be referenced from all online portfolios, as well as other parts of the site. All Future Mosaic Class sites from the line will heavily feature this disclaimer.

QUICK UPDATE 09/19/13 - Site disclaimer updated.

NEWS 09/17/13 - Legacy Venus Class site updated. Mosaic site work. Archive library coming. - UPDATED 09/19/13

QUICK UPDATE 09/17/13 - News and Blog sections upgraded.

QUICK UPDATE 09/04/13 - Will be working on the site this weekend. Should have the image and graphic sets completed for the Mosaic Class sites, which include this one, within a week. Once this is done, mass production and deployment of the fleet of the Mosaic Class sites will begin, with the first three this month, our web team taking a short break to work on some other projects, and then the resumption of production of the sites later this year. Much of the fleet will be online and operational by January 2014, and by next Fall, the fleet of at least 16 Mosiac Class sites for Aurora PhotoArts will dominate the Tampa Bay market. In related news, the branding for our second photography company was conceived of last Friday, August 30, and finalized on September 1, along with the logo. The second photography company, which will not use Mosaic Class sites, will begin developing its portfolio through our secret Phantom Shootouts program, and it will deploy a fleet of at least 12 marketing and support sites in 2014. The integrated marketing, lateral branding, and cross support for this company and its related companies will be more advanced than what Aurora PhotoArts is using, and will use, although the marketing technology, the web sites, and all support resources are being developed by Aurora PhotoArts. The second photography company will be going after the high-risk photography markets, such as glamour, boudoir, lingerie, and bikini, with the objective of being able to provide a professional, ethical, tasteful, and safer alternative to what it plaguing the market now; this new company will go after the business of glamour photographers in Tapa Bay and Florida, and either force them to shape up, or run them out of business. The company will also do fashion and commercial photography, and in those markets, there will be overlap with the work of Aurora PhotoArts. The second photography company will share branding, and will be interconnected with, other companies and projects which are directly related, including a fashion line, a modeling team, and runway modeling event productions with paying jobs for professional models. See the August 2013 issue of Frontier Pop for more information on all of this, including the overall plan for Aurora PhotoArts (well, at least what can be revealed. A lot of the details and supporting resources are classified). More will be revealed by Christmas.

NEWS 07/17/13 - Official Aurora PhotoArts shirts and accessories are coming in 2014! - UPDATED 09/15/13

UPDATE 07/17/13 - Update Log. - UPDATED 07/17/13

UPDATE 07/13/13 - Espy Model Tampa Bay Model Testing section updated. - UPDATED 07/13/13

BLOG POST 07/13/13 - A New Era Begins This Week. - UPDATED 07/13/13

BLOG POST 05/28/13 - Mosaic Class Deployment To Begin. - UPDATED 07/13/13

QUICK UPDATE 05/16/13 - Still working on the image and graphics sets (Had a setback last week when the templates had to be re tooled). They should be done late this week, at which time we can finally bring this first Mosaic Class site up to full operational capability. This will pave the way for rapid, mass production of the Mosaic Class site. The first three Mosaic Class sites will be online with a month of that.

QUICK UPDATE 05/16/13 - Planning on adding a lot of content from the old dedicated domain blogs of Aurora PhotoArts' lead photographer and designer C. A. Passinault to his new blog on here. The content will be from the Tampa Photography Blog, the Tampa Photographer Blog, and the Tampa Designer Blog. Currently, all of these blogs have been offline for a while. We are also planning on adding information from the old Aurora PhotoArts news section as far back as the early 3rdGeneration Diana Class site which was online in 2005, which preceded the Venus Class site which was online before this Mosaic Class site; that is 8 to 9 years of history there.

QUICK UPDATE 01/21/13 - Major updates to this first Mosaic Class photography and design marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, which is a late 3rd Generation web site, are scheduled to happen this week, and an additional two Mosaic Class sites for Aurora PhotoArts addressing specific markets will be built and deployed by next week (the operating domain names are classified, and we will not link to them. Additionally unlike this main site, the other Mosaic Class sites will employ stealth technology and pattern shields). We've been waiting on picture/image/graphic file sets for this work, and are now finishing up that work. This web site, however, is the main, flagship site for Aurora PhotoArts (and will be at least 10 times larger than the others in the next year), with our branding and marketing domain names diverted from our old Venus Class marketing and support site to this one later this week. The old Venus Class site will be decommissioned in 2014, which is a 6+ year run since it was originally commissioned on July 31, 2007 (The Venus Class site is years older than that, however; it is an early 3rd Generation web site which was designed in 2005 and commissioned on September 16, 2005, which will make the operational life of the Venus Class, once the last Venus Class site is decommissioned in 2014, almost 9 years. The current Venus Class site is a Venus 2). In other news, our first three 4th Generation web site classes are in development, with the first one, the Destiny Class, debuting and undergoing a shake down in 2013 (this will be a classified test which is not publicized) and more being developed and deployed in 2014. Check out our News section for more.

QUICK UPDATE 11/17/12 - After 6 months of work and delays, we are almost through 12 years of photography archives and hundreds of thousands of images, which took much longer than planned, and will be finishing the image and graphics sets for this Mosaic Class web site early next week (the raw image files had to be compiled to not only support the web site files, but other file formats for marketing tools, headshot and comp card samples, portfolios, electronic portfolios for iPads and tablets, business cards, and other marketing support formats; we have 5,000 new business cards on order for next week alone for two different business card designs. We will have a brand new portfolio of photography and design work as soon as next year (our main portfolio needs a format overhaul), however, and yet another portfolio generation of even more advanced work by 2014, as we will not only completely replace our photography (we are thinking about replacing our Canon cameras and lenses with Nikon, and if we do, Aurora PhotoArts and our upcoming sister photography company will officially use all-Nikon camera gear), photography support, design, and computer equipment by 2013, but will obtain more equipment which will dramatically increase our capabilities to the point of revolutionizing our work and enable us to maintain the market standard across the board. This, of course, will lead to our second photography company, which will address issues with high-risk markets). Specs for the sets were upgraded a few weeks ago, and will now be rendered at a printable resolution of 300 PPI/DPI instead of the web-only original specification and lower resolution of 72 PPI/DPI, which would not have been possible had that work not been delayed (it was determined that our new watermarking format technology and security precautions were sufficient enough to allow a high resolution web site to be used). This Mosaic Class site will have full initial operational capability (IOC) by the end of next week, and once it is up to speed, we will switch the AuroraPhotoArts.Com and the TampaLooks.Com branding and marketing domain names from the old Aurora PhotoArts web site to this one, which will then become the official main Aurora PhotoArts web site (the old Aurora PhotoArts web site, a Venus Class site commissioned on July 31, 2007, will remain online until sometime in 2013 or 2014, depending upon how long it takes for our targeted search engine performance objectives to be obtained. The original one under Passinault.Com, which has been online since 2000, will be taken offline by the end of 2012). With the graphics and image sets completed, as they will be used for the other sites, work on the other sister Mosaic Class web sites will proceed rapidly; the second Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support web site is also expected online, with initial operational capability, too, at the end of next week. A third will launch the following week, with the first three sites launched and operational by the end of November 2012. There are 12 Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites on order, with the other 9 web sites to be rapidly built and deployed early in 2013. Within a year, all of these sites will be online and operational, and most will not only have operational capability (FOC) by then, but they will also have achieved search engine superiority (SES), which is advanced SEO performance. Since this site is the main one, it will be much larger than the others, as well; this site will be at least 10 times as large as the others. The fleet of 12 Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web sites, along with our support web sites and our talent resource web sites, will give us marketing and industry firepower which will ensure market domination of the photography, design, and modeling markets in the Tampa Bay region. There is a lot more going on, too, which contributed to the delays on this site, but that work will never be talked about online or on any of our web sites, as it is classified; let's just say that we have major advantages over the competition, which include the investments that we have made into support infrastructure in the past decade, and that those advantage will prove to be impossible for anyone to compete against, regardless of how saturated the market appears to be or the perception of the economy is. We've figured everything out, while they have not, and that will be obvious in the coming months and years; we will not only dominate our competition, but that same advantage will translate well to our clients.

BLOG POST 11/06/12 - Mosaic Class Order Extended to 12; Planned Service Life Increased. - UPDATED 11/06/12

QUICK UPDATE 09/21/12 - Almost done going through photography image archives. Image and graphic sets for Mosaic Class web sites will only take a day or two to complete after that. Planning on having first 2 Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts web sites, which includes this one, completely operational by the end of next week, and the 3rd by the first week of October 2012.

QUICK UPDATE 09/13/12 - Fixed code glitch on main page which caused Dreamweaver to choke by grafting new content onto an archived page that was fresh. First 3 Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class web sites to be up by the end of this month, after delays in going through photographs and setting up graphic and image file sets; all image files will be watermarked for Internet viewing, and will only be at web resolutions. This site, the main Aurora PhotoArts site, will be up by the middle of next week, around September 19, at which time our two marketing domain names, TampaLooks.Com and AuroraPhotoArts.Com, will be redirected to this operating domain and web site; social media support and new Internet marketing ads will also be deployed linking to this site. The second site will be online and operational around September 22. The third will be online and operational by September 29. After shakedown period, remaining 7 Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class web sites will resume deployment on November 6, 2012, and will deploy at the rate of one per week. Although it had taken almost five months of work to get this first site operational, now that the support files are done, web sites can be built and deployed quickly. Initial 10 Aurora PhotoArts web sites to be operational by the end of 2012, with the possibility of an additional 6 on order in 2013.

BLOG POST 08/18/12 - Domain Name Rotation. Mosaic Class Progress. - UPDATED 11/06/12

BLOG POST 08/10/12 - Fewer Web Sites. Mosaic Class Work. Curtain Works. - UPDATED 09/21/12

NEWS 07/26/12 - Mosaic Class Deployment. 4th Generation Web Site Development. Aurora Class Site Development Announced. - UPDATED 08/10/12







BLOG POST 07/05/12 - Aurora PhotoArts Mosaic Class Site Progress. Second Photography Company Branding Finalized. Video Shooting. Indie Filmmaking. Tampa Bay Film work. Swimsuit Modeling Fashion Show. - UPDATED 07/06/12

BLOG POST 06/27/12 - Work On Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design Marketing And Support Sites Underway. - UPDATED 07/04/12

BLOG POST 05/11/12 - New Blog Will Replace My Dedicated Domain Blogs. Plans. - UPDATED 06/27/12


Welcome to the official 2016 main marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, commissioned in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 6, 2012, and brought online as soon as our new operating domain was obtained. The site is a new Mosaic Class site, and it is the first of many planned to be built and deployed in 2016. This site, at the time of this writing, is over four years old and still at the initial operational stage, and will take a few weeks to become fully operational as site content is added, our portfolio core is brought up to speed, and support sections are brought online. This will be a process which is planned in three stages in roughly as many weeks; there will be so many sections active on this site, that we cannot bring them all online at once. This site will replace our current main site, a site which is using the eleven year old Venus Class site, by the Fall of 2016.
This site is going to be huge, even compared to our sister sites. We are going to make this the largest photography and design site in the Tampa Bay area, and we expect to have at least 1,200 pages of well-organized, and easy to find, content by 2018, with lots more to be added regularly even after that. A lot fo the content that we will be adding to the site will be free information and resources for everyone, clients and non-clients alike. We will also have resources and tools here exclusively for our clients, and to support our clients, and our new client support features that we will be rolling out are the most advanced in the United States, having been developed from our experience in the past decade working in the field. Aurora PhotoArts will become the busiest photography and design company in the Tampa Bay area, and the updates and activity on this web site will reflect a selected portion of what we do and how we do it. We love what we do, and we are serious about what we do. What we do is professional photography, design, and web design services. We also offer other services, and although we specialize in services for the professional talent market, this translates well to less-demanding, and less-specific, consumer markets; although we are geared to work professional market, and that is our specialty, we can step down to the services that consumers need, if warranted, such as family portrait photography, senior pictures, portrait photography, wedding photography, and more. Ultimately, the consumer market will benefit from the advantage that experience our professional services give us.
We certainly have experience, and unlike the competition, a pedigree going back to 1994, when Aurora PhotoArts was founded due to a need.
Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design was founded on June 10, 1994, as a photography support company for the production projects of our sister companies, C. A. Passinault, and DJ Frontier. We served in that capacity well for the following six years, although things began to evolve four years into our life as a company; in those early years, we did not offer services to the public, which was appropriate because we were learning the business while building our skills through hard work and experience. This would change, however. In 1998, owner C. A. Passinault began developing web sites, and those sites needed a lot of photography support and photographs. As a result, our photography work dramatically increased. So did our design work. Over time, we gained a lot of experience, and worked with better and more professional models and talent. By 2000, we had some breakthroughs which propelled our photography work to the upper levels of the Tampa Bay market, especially in modeling portfolio photography. Subsequently, we finally began offering services to the Tampa Bay market, and the market responded well to our services.
By 2002, we had some of our specialized talent photography services, such as headshot photography, down to a science. Our headshot photography services became sought after by professional actors and talent, and so did our model testing and our modeling portfolio photography services. In 2003, our Espy model testing program debuted, too, and it was popular with aspiring models in the Tampa Bay area.
Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design offers model testing, modeling portfolios, modeling photography, composite card design and set up services, headshot photography for both the professional and the talent markets, headshot setup services, commercial photography, swimsuit modeling photography, event photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, and other types of consumer photography such as senior portraits.
The photography and design work of Aurora PhotoArts is guaranteed for quality, so there is no risks involved. The entire point of investing in what we can do in photography, design, and in web design work is to give you appropriate and effective results. There has to be value in what we do. We take our work seriously, and give our clients the respect that they deserve by giving them services which will benefit them in as many ways as possible. It is a privilege to work in our industry, an industry which we have earned the right to work in with years of hard work. Our experience benefits our clients.

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